Puppymill Coton de Tulear

by Diana

On April 30th 2011 I adopted a puppy mill coton de tulear from North Shore in Port Washington l.I, SHE IS BEAUTIFUL - I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SWEET DARLING LITTLE DOG. I do not have any pictures of her yet.

North Shore gave me some rehabilitation guidelines to go by. I thought I would have my hands full when it came to house training, I've had her 3 wks today and she only had one accident, and that was my fault I did not take her out when she was due had some moving people here and schedule was broken, she caught on right away.

She is a hugger - what a sweet disposition, but she is still fearful of me and will not take treats from my hands. I know she is smart, but am unsure how to gain her trust is there anyone with some tips for LoLa?

Thank you

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Nov 26, 2011
whistle training & trust issues
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

For the puppy that does not come when called try getting a bag of whistles from a party store. Keep one in all rooms with treats. This also is how u charge up a clicker for training.

U do not have to blow the whistle loud but make a soft toot. While they are sitting, laying etc. with u. Toot & treat for at least 10 to 20 times(as many as needed). This asociates the sound with food. At no time ever blow without treat unless u have to. Then move away from them a little distance at a time.

Then when u are in diff. rooms toot & when they come running treat. Play hide go seek in & outdoors. They luv this game.

When they run to the whistle sound throw in the word come(or whatever verbal command u like) before or during the treat. They will learn it as a good word. This gives an them an alternative in case they were called & abused.

Trust issues: Try sitting down on the ground to there level for a while to help with treats, training etc. Sometimes we forget how we must look towering over them.

There is a book "101 Dog Tricks" by Kyra Sundance & Chalcy which is fun. This approach may be a positive training tool. U can always check it out at ur local pet or book store & read through it before make the investment.

Good luck I cannot wait to read ur successes. U all have done a wonderful thing in adoption.

May 26, 2011
Trust ing
by: Diana

Hi Kathy, This is what I am dealing with, when I take her out to potty, if I do not have the leash on her I can not get her she runs away from me, if I call her name in a deep calm asserstive tone as ceasar Millan suggested she will duck down and become submissive SOO I took the leash off and tried to coax her to come in on her own when I call her she will come just five feet from me then run away. WHen I call her again in the way I described above she will do the same with or wthout the leash. Then I tried a little treat , I threw one close to her then a little closer to me then I held one out with my hand for 5 min, she wanted to come get it she did the cha- cha, but a squirl one out. In the house she follows me all over, this is good, when I turn around to go the otherway she runs w/fear. I can not go to her and get her she is sooo very fearful. I think I might have to seek help. Being a puppymill rescue with no human contact for all of her two years, they told me she was very neglected full of urine and poo heavily matted. They had to shave her down. I think the only time she was handled was when she was in heat. although she is very payfull in the a.m. she stiffens up and holds on to the cage she is fearfull of comming out . Her actions tell me she was probably yanked out and thrown into a cage with a mate when in heat and then thrown back in. She has a bad association with comming out, once out wer good. I love her very muchand look foward to the day when she can relax around me. Yor cotons sound adorable. Thanks for lending an ear Diana... I just cnnot remember how to spell squril

May 22, 2011
Congratulations to you and your Coton
by: Iris Miller

and Bless you for adopting. My coton Tuffy has always been very particular about his food and treats. Training is the best time to reward them with treats.They are natural performers so for instance when your Coton stands on her/his hind legs say "stand" good dog!!! and give a bit of treat, same when they sit, etc.My dog eats only Pure Bites freeze dried 100% liver treats, no additives at all. They also make freeze dried chicken but it is too dry for my dog he chokes so I only give him the liver, and once in a while dehydrated chicken strips from Dogswell, or bits of the Natural Balance lamb roll.Tuffy loves human food, chicken, some egg, baked sweet potatoes,and peas. I have bought and donated almost every dog treat made, donated because my dog refused it, or ate it and threw up! I feed him IAMS dry food. Any other prepard dog treats or foods you give your dog might have a red coloring from beets(check the ingredients) to make it look brown or gravy color, that will make your white dog have red drool and red tear stains.
Lots of luck and love,Tuffy and Mom

May 22, 2011
Coton Trust Issues
by: Kathy

You got LoLa just one day before I brought home my two new Coton puppies. It sounds like you are doing much better with house breaking that I am. But we are getting a handle on it (being consistent), and they are catching on also.

My puppies are 12 and 13 weeks old -- they are not related (obviously). How old is LoLa? I also have a 5 1/2 year old Coton.

Trust issues (I think) are about the puppy not being handled enough, not being exposed to anything but their mom and a cage or a concrete area. Do as many of the socializing things as you can every day. Hold her. Walk her on a leash. Let other people hold her.

The two new puppies have very different personalities. One has trust issues. The other is a wild, playful, very loving puppy. I ask her (Tulip) for kisses and she gets it. The other (Poppy) is more reserved, but she loves to have her chin rubbed or scratched. When I ask her for kisses -- I get one every now and then. But Poppy is doing better with house breaking. Poppy is the older one. Neither one likes a leash -- Tulip was a little better at first. I think Tulip came from a home with small children who held her a lot.

With my first Coton, Daisy, I was doing a lot of work in my yard when she was small. She followed me every step I took on the weekend when I was home. When I took breaks, she sat in my lap (and slept). She has trust issues too, but I think this is my fault because I never took her out. She is very attached to me, but is fearful of almost everyone else and other animals. She does love to "tame" cats though. She chases them (relentlessly) until they submit.

Keep working at it,
And get a camera! The pictures are amazing.

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