Puppy Training Videos:
Review of The Online Dog Trainer

Need help finding the best puppy training videos? Is the Online Dog Trainer the right program for you?

Check out the dog training review below:

The Online Dog Trainer General Program Overview:

Cost: $1.00 for 3 Day trial, then $37.00 per month

First, let me say that I own the Online Dog Trainer Program and I highly recommend it. If you’re a visual person like I am there’s great value in seeing and listening to he training lessons instead of just reading them. You get to see the body language of both the dog AND the trainer. I also love that even though there are over 100 videos available you can easily find what you’re looking for and new videos are always being added.

The website is so user friendly and I love the message of the trainer, Doggy Dan, who is a professional puppy trainer and behaviorist. He believes that all dogs deserve the chance to live in a world where they are respected and understood.

All the training techniques and tips are based on safe, loving and humane treatment of the dog at all times. You won’t find choke collars or any harsh punishment – EVER.

There are hundreds of different training methods available so what makes this method stand out?

Basically, Doggy Dan will teach you to remove the cause of the problem and speak your dog’s language so there's no fear or force. You will focus on the cause; not just the symptom. This will ensure a happier calmer dog and imagine what that would feel like for your family. That’s what makes these the best dog training videos available.

Program Contents:

Over 100 dog and puppy training videos are available and are constantly being updated. You will have access to basic dog obedience training as well as advanced training and solving common behavior issues.

puppy training videos

The Online Dog Trainer site is set up as follows into 4 major sections:

  • Section 1: 5 Golden Rules to Dog Training
  • Section 2: Puppy Training Videos (understanding your puppy, getting ready, puppy health and behavior, and basic command training)
  • Section 3: Find Videos to help you with the most common dog problems including:
    • Aggressive behavior to people or other dogs
    • Excessive barking
    • Hyperactivity
    • Fearfulness
    • Disobedience
    • Separation anxiety
    • Chewing, mouthing, stealing
    • Potty training problems
    • Selective hearing
    • Unpredictable or bad dog behavior
  • Section 4: Understanding the language of dogs


puppy training videos
  1. Unlimited access to the Online Forum
  2. Weekly video updates
  3. Library of downloads always available to you

Pros & Cons:


  • Officially endorsed by the SPCA

  • Risk Free - 60 day money back guarantee

  • While there are over 100 videos available you can easily search for the exact training or behavior problem you need help with

  • Lifetime access to the Forum (even if you cancel membership to the training program)

  • New videos are always being added

  • You have immediate access to all the videos so you can start training immediately

  • The Online Dog Trainer is one of the only sites in the world that stands firmly against the use of shock collars and sprays.

  • Works for all breeds of dogs, works for puppies or older dogs, and provides both basic and advanced training

  • You can watch 5 Free Dog Training Videos BEFORE you sign up.

free dog training videos


  • Some may see a monthly fee as a con. You can cancel membership if you no longer need access to the dog and puppy training videos (but you get to keep the bonuses and the lifetime access to the Forum). And now, for a limited time, you can try the whole program for one full week for just $1.00 before you commit to the full monthly fee.

I own the Online Dog Trainer Program and highly recommend it. In my opinion, next to hiring a professional dog trainer, it’s the best training on the market. By watching and listening to the videos you can teach and correct your dog’s behavior for immediate results.

Click here to order and learn more.

puppy training videos

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