Puppy afraid of everything

by Frank

we adopted a 4 1/2 months male Coton from a breeder. The Puppy has been 3 weeks with us and has created a bond with my mother. However, he is very much afraid of everybody and everything. For instance, he see me on daily basis and still runs away from me (despite always bringing treats for him), he walks on daily basis but does not tolerate other people or dogs. In these three weeks evolution has been almost nihl, so I am unsure if this can be overcome...

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Feb 08, 2017
My puppy afraid, too NEW
by: Pat

My puppy, Rhylie gets afraid, too. She is one and a half years old and it seems everything scares her. I can hang my jacket over a chair and she'll come into the room and start barking at it like crazy. Anything out of the ordinary she barks at. But, she is a great little guard dog. She knows before I do when someone is coming to the door and she starts barking like crazy. She sounds fierce when she barks, but she backs up or hides behind me as she barks. I've tried all different ways to get her not to bark as much, but nothing seems to help. I do like when she lets me know that some one is coming to the door.

Feb 06, 2017
Afraid NEW
by: Teddybear

You are not alone. My Teddybear was like that from the start. He is now two years old and still can be frightened by stupid things. My husband can go out of the room and come back a few minutes later and he backs away and growls. The best thing I find is don't force the issue, let him take his time to investigate. I praise Ted greatly when he overcomes the problem. He may not completely get over this but it will improve as he gets older. These cotons are worth the effort and love they give to their owners.

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