Psychological Impact of Having Dog's Tail Amputated for Medical Reasons

by Bonnie F
(Mebane, NC)

My friend has a 9 year old Coton who is the light of her life. He is active, energetic, and adorable in every way. He is also generally very healthy. However, he does have 2 recurring large cysts on his tail that have to be drained frequently. My friend's vet has recommended that she have her Coton's tail amputated. (The cysts aren't cancerous or life threatening, but are probably uncomfortable and they do keep coming back, requiring multiple visits to and procedures from the vet.)

My friend's question is: Is a Coton who loses his tail due to amputation likely to suffer psychologically? For my friend's Coton, his tail is such an important part of his personality - it is a long white "plume" that he tends to carry high and proud most of the time. Does anyone have any insights that might help my friend make this very difficult decision in a way that will be best for her beloved Coton? Thank you.

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Jul 05, 2016
2nd opinion NEW
by: Gale

I would also recommend finding a holistic vet or at least a second opinion if you can't find one. Luc is taking supplements for his skin allergies and his skin bumps are much smaller and fewer.

Jul 05, 2016
Tail NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

I don't think a tail defines the psychology of a dogs life. Good health, playtime, daily walks, interaction @ dog park w/doggie friends etc. If your friend doesn't trust the vets recommendation then get a second opinion.

The only one that will miss the wagging tail is the human. Obviously they r not just skin growths they r cysts that require draining which besides the financial end must be painful 2 the dog b/c if u have ever stepped on a tail they yelp in pain.

If this procedure saves the dog from continuing pain & if I trust the vets recommendation it would not be a hard decision.

Jul 05, 2016
Holistic Vets (Sometimes having Native American Heritage) NEW
by: Peter Sangster

Our Dog, Daisy has Cancerous (Pimple-Like) growths, on her body.

Our normal vet operated on her and took the first 14 off her and then I went to the Holistic Vet.

Holistic Vets to not believe in operating or cutting the skin, unless there is no other solution.

I give Daisy viles of medicine, prescribed and supplied by the Volistic Vet. When I am diligent and give the medicine regularly each day, the lumps fade and go away. When I do not the lumps appear and grow.

Holistic Vets are not as easy to find and you may have to drive further, but the results are more than worth the time and trouble.

Good Hunting to whomever is looking for one.

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