Pool Puppy

by Donna

Pool Puppy

Pool Puppy

Here is my four month old Lily enjoying some summer fun! Silly pup!

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Aug 29, 2013
too cute NEW
by: Truffles Mom


Jul 20, 2013
Pool Puppy NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Adorable. Jonah loves the water also. I do use a jacket for him in pool even now at 5 yrs. old.

He does not go in by himself he will wait for jacket which is good that way I do not have the fear of drowning.

Jul 19, 2013
pool puppy lilly NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

You look so cute Lilly. Sitting there like a really big girl. It sure is a great way to beat the summer heat here in fl. My little girl Cotton loves the pool but her sissy sure does not....Love your pic!

Jul 19, 2013
Love Lily NEW
by: Iris Miller

What a great picture, I just want to kiss her!

Jul 18, 2013
pool puppy
by: Ellie

As soon as Oliver see's me enter the pool he is as far away as he can get. Would love to introduce him, but I think at 6 h's too old to try new tricks. Great to start early. Have fun/

Jul 18, 2013
To Kathy from PA
by: Anonymous

Lily took to the pool first time in, however, I do put her in with me, she won't go in on her own....she likes to go on her float the best and she does swim a bit. The harness she has on is a life jacket so aids in her swimming so she is not nervous....Lily is only 4 months and I wanted to introduce her to the pool at a young age so she would be comfortable with it. Maybe try a life jacket on your pup so maybe she will relax more. I have been lucky with Lily she is pretty much up for anything. Good luck, hope the life jacket helps :)

Jul 18, 2013

How adorable!!!!how did you get her to go in the pool? MY Triscuit will go in the pool only if I put her in. She is a great swimmer, but she doesn't seem to want to go in because she will run from me if she knows I am going to put her in. Sometimes I will put her on my lap and float around and she will sit there but not really relaxed. I wish she wasn't so scared of going in. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Kathy

Jul 18, 2013
Lily the Pool Puppy
by: Anne, Molly, and Sandy

Lily is a doll baby. What a pretty face. Don't get sunburned!

Jul 18, 2013
Love it
by: Bella's Mom

So sweet!!

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