Peppin's Favorite Toy

Peppin is our 3 year-old Coton.Besides being rare in the U.S., they are very rare down here in South Louisiana.I know only one person here with one, and she is my friend, plus she has Peppin's sister from another litter.My Coton has anxiety issues. I'm not sure why, but I'm guessing because he has been in several families within just 1 year.

He's a barker...anything that moves.Walking him outside is hard because he chases everything..... cars, our chickens and the cows.However, Peppin is my little man and I will always love him and keep him safe!!

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Jan 02, 2014
Looking in Louisiana for a Coton NEW
by: Autumn

I live near new orleans Louisiana. Can anyone direct me to a breader in Louisiana for Cotons?

Jun 26, 2013
Another South Louisiana Coton! NEW
by: Jolie's mom

Where are y'all at, in South Louisiana? I live in DeRidder right now, but am planning to move back to Moss Bluff.My Jolie was given to me by a couple who were adopting an eight week old baby, and since Jolie is pretty active, they wanted her to go to a home were she could be active. I also have a rescue Maltise, a rescue Chihuahua a rescue tiny toy poodle, a rescue mutt and a rottie that we got as a puppy. I would love to hear more about your Peppin and his sister, who y'all got them from and anything else you would like to share.

Jun 01, 2013
No Chase NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

"No chase"= An important continued learning command which is hard to explain in post where classes or book would help but I will try. Yet the importance can b explained. Running out a door/yard after a car, bike, skatebrd, tractor, animal that results in ur dog getting hit or hurt by animal attack.

Put dog on lead & have them "sit" on left side treat. Give them the "stay" command. Stay means stay they do not move. If u r in a situation in ur home where u cannot make sure they stay use the word "wait". "Stay" can save their life some day.

See if u can get a kid to ride their bike back & forth in front of ur dog. If they attempt to chase swing ur body in front of them & command "stop" or "no chase" put back in "sit" "stay". Repeat. When they do good praise praise praise treat treat treat.

Do this w/chickens, cars etc. They will get soon that once u then give the command "stop" or "no chase" when off or on lead they r not allowed to do it. Please remember these type of actions need practice, practice, practice. Good luck.

Jun 01, 2013
Peppin NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

A dog is never to old to learn the word "quiet" or really any trick. Just like humans they continue to adjust to their enviorment and learn every day for good mind stimulation. Yet they never do good without practice, practice, practice.

Leash pulling= Pretty easy they pull u stop. Pat the side of ur hip & say "come" pulling lead gently to tempt them back to ur left side since thats where they should be walking at anyway. Say "lets go" & start again (lead off w/ur left foot since they r on ur left). They pull u repeat stop & back to side. Use regular leash until taught. This may take 1 time to learn or 100.

They learn they pull u will stop & they don't like to stop they want to walk. Advantage is once they get it u then can use an old belt & attach an ajustable leash handle thru belt & then u can walk or run hands free.

Once they learn the left side teach the right side exact same way this way in case they need to be on ur right its then just a matter of ur command "right" or "left". Good luck & as with anything the more u practice the smoother it goes.

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