Our funny teddy bear TOBY

by Yolanda
(Montreal Canada)

Toby was born end of May 2017 in Poland. He made his first trip at 4 months as our "carry on" dog in cabin and landed with us in Canada. Already we knew he was an amazing dog! No crying, no complaining, no Nr1 or Nr2 during the 8 hours flight. He made it like an all grown up pup. Now every day we work together to make him the best he can be: joyful, well-trained and happy dog! We love him to bits and want the best for him so we are learning a holistic approach to raise him on home-made food and as little as possible vet visits. We are together for a long journey!

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Nov 16, 2017
Books to help raise your puppy NEW
by: Yolanda

Thank you for your reassuring comments. I found great resources online by the Vet Michele Welton. WELTON. IT HELPED ME A LOT TO UNDERSTAND TRAINING, FEEDING AND MEDICAL CARE FOR Toby. It is hard to get a holistic approach with veterinarian. Still looking to find one here.

Nov 16, 2017
Funny bear toby NEW
by: Anonymous

Adorable !!! I see fun/mischief in those eyes.Our little guy is hilarious too. Keeps us laughing. I'm with you on being very cautious with vet/ vaccines.You are his advocate. He's "your" baby.We had lots of digestive issues due to vaccines. He's turned the corner(whew)have a vet now who is wonderful and gets it! Love that little doll up!

Nov 06, 2017
Answer NEW
by: Yolanda

We feed Toby a mix of kibbles Orijen for puppies and cooked meat as well as veggies and fruits, some barley and oatmeal. As far as immunization we are concerned ony by the most important sots ad he is u to date so far.

Nov 01, 2017
Holistic NEW
by: Judy

What are you feeding him. And no immunizations?

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