Our four babies

We have 4 cotons and I couldn't be more happier

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Nov 10, 2017
Thank you for your input
by: Michelle Martens

My cotton Daphne gets the bi-annual bolster vaccine for bordetella and another 2 vaccines. She will never get another shot if I can help it.
Seeing her healthy and happy to gradually fall into a state of depression and fear,seizure and the post seizure is traumatic. She clings to me for dear life when i have taken her to the vet. Now I know why.

Nov 10, 2017
by: Anonymous

We had a male coton until about 3 yrs. ago, we had to find another home for him, because he was biting my female, but the story is,, when we first got him he had a reaction to the rabies shot. The vet had to give him a shot of Benadryl every time before he hit his shot, and they would watch him for a while, before hecame home. I don't think it is unusual for this. Good luck

Nov 10, 2017
Seizures from vacinations
by: Judy

I am so sorry. My daughter's dog had a nearly fatal reaction from the rabies vaccine. Was waiting to check out and collapse. They rushed him back and transferred him to Emergency vet. They told her he would have died if she would have gotten him home
Really if your dog does not go in the woods and basically a house dog why do we need all the shots. I had a Sheltie that the rabies shot affected his immune system and made him live with his joints hurting all the time. My vet said he would write a letter for me to keep so he would never get then again. He has witnessed this before

Nov 09, 2017
This is Daphne, my dog. She now suffers from seizures
by: Michelle Martens

After having her last cocktail of vaccinations she had seizures every other day. The longest without had been 3 days. I need some input. Devastated owner

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