Our Coton King Kobe Bryant

Kobe is 12 years old. When we got him at 12 weeks old I read about his breed to see what he would be like. The one trait I read that I’ll never forget is that they retain their puppy-like joy their entire life. I am here to say that is absolutely correct! You would never know he is 12 years old! Cotons are a great breed! So entertaining and funny!

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Dec 07, 2022
Coton research
by: Gigi

Can I just say, Congratulations on doing the research. Breaks my heart when I see Cotons re-honed. They can be stubborn and difficult to train (it’s hard when you’re dog is smarter than you are…haha)

My girl Winnie is my heart and joy. She’s almost 3. The most affectionate, loving girl ever. She lives ALL the people and ALL the dogs. she too is forever puppy-ish. I love when she gets excited and dies a 360 in the air. She’s beautiful, needs to be brushed everyday, and nothing makes her happier than a lap in front of the fire.

Please understand these pups before you bring them home. They don’t lik to be left alone. They require constant grooming (yes, they’re that gorgeous you’re going to want to constantly groom,) they have wonderful personalities and they’re FAST intelligent loyal companions.

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