by Jeanne Unice
(Miamisburg, Ohio)

Does anyone have a Coton who immediately runs outside looking high in the sky for anything moving above? Bentley could care less what he is running,g into on the ground....his eyes are on the sky. That is why his nickname is NORAD...he watches all aircraft, stars, clouds and even lower flying birds. If he could keep an eye on the Space Stations activities he would. The is so entertaining and if there happens to be some thunder up there....look out...he runs looking upward trying to find the crazy Coton!

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Aug 29, 2018
Lucky looks at airplanes flying in the sky NEW
by: Lucky-Dog

My dog Lucky looks at airplanes flying high above in the sky, based on the sound he hears...but does not bolt outside.

Aug 10, 2018
scanning the sky NEW
by: Pat

My girl, Rhylie, doesn't look at the sky when she runs out. She runs outside and scans the neighborhood looking for anyone outside that could pet her. The minute she eyes someone she heads that way and barks to get their attention. It's all about her!! She is the cutest thing! My neighbors love her and look out for her. She rolls over and loves to be petted on her belly.

Aug 08, 2018
Sky wathcher dog NEW
by: Iris

We had two dogs, the big dog was the guardian of the house and family, then we got a pom chihuahua mix puppy, she needed a job, so she created one, running around the back yard watching the sky, and barking at anything that was above her territory.

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