Nervous urination in Coton de Tulear

My Coton de Tulear is a very loveable good dog. He is potty trained and can hold from 7pm to 8am to go out. Yet he will pee when people talk to him. He will pee while we are putting his leash on whether inside or outside (it looks as if he is sitting, but he is peeing also). He will pee at various times when we try to pet him. He does it especially if we have left him for a few's almost as if he's scared sometimes.

We have been kind about it, we have been angry and shown him the which case he puts his tail between his legs and he just sits outside but will not finish peeing. If someone talks to him, it's almost as if he knows he will pee, so he runs in a cowering fashion and hides beside the person he has spent most time with that day and just looks at the person who is trying to pet him.

We just don't know what to do. He is 2 years old. Can some one help? Will he stop doing it eventually?

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Jun 15, 2010
be kind to your dog, he has to go pee
by: Iris Miller

dear Coton owner,
I is not helpful to get angry at the poor dog for not understanding what is going on and for losing control of his bladder.
First and most important, take him to the Vet and make sure it is not because of a medical problem.
i have a friend whose rescue dog did this peeing,also lying down peeing on herself,A Vet said it was a sign of submission, the dog was afraid of being punished, so not to make an issue of it, to ignore the peeing be patient and develop a loving trust and bond with the dog. After she learned she was safe and not going to be punished she calmed down and stopped that behavior.
One person your dog is close to and trusts should start taking him out on a leash to the same area to let him pee on a regular schedule, at least 2 to 4 hours?,, not left to hold it for so long.
I notice my dog has to pee more often after drinking water and being active, and of course early in the morning upon waking, just like we do..I may not be happy about dragging myself out of bed any time between 6 and 7 am, but I also know the discomfort of the urgency to go and so I do take Tuffy out around 10PM before bedtime and 6-7AM and again when he asks to go. It is important to recognize the signals your dog is giving you when he needs to go out. My dog stands up in front of me and urgently paws the air and I ask "do you have to make pee/poop"?He gets more frantic. that;s a definite yes Time to grab the leash and go, he is a little dog with a small bladder and definitely needs to empty it more often to relieve himself (and don't forget to praise him).

Please be patient. I m sure your Vet will give you the best advice,
love and blessing,
Iris and Tuffy

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