Need to change dog food because she isn't gaining weight.

by Alice Farina
(Stamford, CT)

My very small Coton isn't able to gain weight, as a matter of fact she has lost some and the vet suggested changing her food.

We tested for parasites and there aren't any.

She eats well.

Therefore, we need a recommendation for a new food for her.

She and her brother currently eat Nature's Variety Prairie Lamb and Oatmeal.

Thank you in advance.

Alice Farina

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Sep 08, 2019
Diet NEW
by: Anonymous

I would add some chicken breast to the diet. My dog loves that. Just mix some into the dry.

Feb 21, 2019
Change food
by: Anonymous

Our 7 year old Coton started not to eat. Turns out she had dental problems. After that got resolved, we fed her Zignature.

She LOVED Zignature for quite awhile but then completely refused to eat it. I learned that sometimes she just wants something different.

So, then we switched to dry food Blue Buffalo. Then, she got tired of that.

So, now she's eating Old Roy. We have the same experience with the 15 year old cat. They just like to switch around sometimes. That might be the situation with your lovey-dovey companion.

For us, the main thing is to make sure she has good stools and not diarrhea. Also, I don't really like giving her the Old Roy because the quality is much different (I believe) than the Zignature.

We have also alternated with just giving her raw hamburger, cooked hamburger and boiled chicken. Hope some of these ideas work for you. I think the bottom line is think "variety." Put yourself in your dog's tastebud place. You like eating something different each day, right? Your dog (and cat if you have one) probably does, too

Feb 21, 2019
Our favorite food NEW
by: Wendy

We use several products from Fromm's. Probably Leila's favorites are their Small Breed Adult Gold and Hasen Duckenfeffer. Our vet is always trying to push brands she sells at her clinic, but we feel Fromm's fits our almost 7 year old pup to a T.

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