Need help getting my dog to sleep at nite

by Esther Zarate
(marysville ca)

My dog's name is Anubis. She barks too much, she won't eat her dog food, she just wants to be held all the time, and she has her own room but she just won't go to sleep. She keeps whining because she wants out. I leave the light on for her all night because I think she's scared.

I don't know what to do. Oh, and another thing she'll go pee on the dog pad but not poop. She'll go poop on the side of the pad or down the hall. She doesn't go on one spot only why is that?

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May 29, 2010
answers to the anubus problem
by: Esther Zarate

No! shes not a puppy anymore we had her sinse she was a baby, see what happened she belongs to my daughter she spoiled her rotten almost like if she (anubus) was human, and i honestly think the dog thinks she is human. my daughter let anubus sleep with her on her bed fed her what ever she ate carry her alot.then she moved out and had to leave her dog behind so i took over and bought her dog food i play with her but i don't carry her as much and now she sleeps alone from her mama (my daughter)now my daughter picks her up in the weekends only and when she takes her she again sleeps with her mama on her bed and when she brings her back to me again she comes back with her old habits.i feel that anubus is depress cause she don't see her mama everyday anymore shes confuse....I feel really bad for her

May 28, 2010
Training is a must!
by: Gale

This sounds like a new puppy....

I agree with Iris. Dogs need to feel safe and know that you are in charge and will take care of them. Training is essential and can eliminate all the behavior issues you mentioned - including house training.

Almost all communities have low cost (or sometimes free) obedience classes available. Professional trainers are great too but can be a bit pricey. If you want an immediate training guide that's low cost and very effective I recommend Secrets to Dog Training. This has been a very big help to me.

May 28, 2010
How old is your dog? She and mom need training.
by: Iris Miller

I bet you wish dogs could talk. Sometimes, by their actions, they are telling us something. I don't think a dog wants to go on a soiled pad. I know it is more expensive, but the dog will do better if the pad is changed more often, and of course, the goal is to take the dog outside and pick a spot for them to go instead of in the house. My dog refuses to go on a pee pad now that he has his favorite spots outside to make.If your dog is just a new little puppy, then it is probably not used to being alone yet. When I got my dog at six weeks old he cried at night when I had him in another room, so I finally had to bring my Tuffy to bed or else get no sleep at all ( and I needed to be rested for work).I actually took a few days off and stayed home to bond with him,and I taught him to go pee on the pad first, then he knew not to do it on the bed. Next step was his own bed, but I still have him sleep at my feet on my bed at night. (my preference)
He also did not like the recommended food so I switched him to IAMS for small puppies and he ate that. Now he is two I still feed him IAMS and supplement it at breakfast with a 1/4" slice chopped up of the roll food "Natural Balance " he loves that stuff!
We also went to Petsmart for puppy obedience training and went all the way through to Intermediate training. It was very helpful for both mom and Tuffy.
Good luck with your dog.
blessings and love,Tuffy and mom
lamb formula

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