My Travel Buddy, Poppy

by Sue
(Denver, CO)

I really like this site! Thanks for having all this information available.

I brought an 11 week old Coton puppy home about two weeks ago. I am a single woman and travel by car and plane a lot. When I am in town, I mostly work at home. My kids wanted me to get a little travel buddy to come with me as I roam and found the Coton as "The most mellow small dog." The fact that they might have traveled with pirates is a little hard to believe (they seem a little too fluffy for the average pirate) but that story added to my conviction that this is the right dog for me.

She is perfect! I tuck her into a scarf around my neck when I go into business meetings and keep her in a canvas travel bag when I have to keep her more secret. As long as I play with her first and get her tired out and happy we are good. I drove more than 23 hours last week through Utah and she was just a sweet heart. So far, everyone who sees her falls in love and no one has accused me of being unprofessional, at least not to my face. She loves being anywhere I am and expects all the people she meets to adore her, which they do. She did get one smack on the nose by a kitty who wanted to be sure she knew who was boss. No claws but so sad.

She is not happy when I leave even just to go into another room if she is contained which she usually is in the house. We need to work on that. I was a little alarmed to read some of the messages about the Cotons who seem to be unfriendly. I do think Poppy would freak out if I left her a lot for long stretches so I am keeping her with me pretty much all of the time. I have a letter from a psychologist stating that I need to have my dog with me everywhere so she flies free and all hotels take her as an "emotional support dog". Even restaurants have to take her but I keep her in the canvas bag so no one is offended.

Potty training is a challenge but we are learning each others' signals. Some days are perfect and others are a joke.

I love this sweet little dog and know that we will be great friends for a very long time.

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Feb 18, 2015
Airline Requirements NEW
by: Sue

Great travel separation stories. The baby sitter idea is perfect. That would be so much easier than leaving her cold turkey right away. I also leave Poppy's travel bag unzipped and full of toys (and sometimes treats) when she is home. And when I know she is going to need to be in it, she gets lots of exercise and play time first. A tired puppy travels much better.

For domestic travel in the U.S. there are no healthy certificates or shots required. I am not sure about crossing the border. Go to the airline web site and search for "Traveling with Pets". There will be lots of General information as well as a customer service phone number to call. They have been very helpful.

Feb 18, 2015
Traveling with mommy & Separation anxiety NEW
by: Anonymous

These are great plane stories to know. I purchase CoCo's airline travel bag at PerSmart when he was 3 months. It's Pink with multi zippers for front, side, top hand access too. Lots of of see-through screens. At first it scared him to be inside zipped up so I just left it on the couch and filled "his house" with his toys. He scratches at its front door each day to be let in and choose a toy.

His "Go-Go" canvas shoulder bag he outgrew. On our recent trip to the groomer I used the airline travel bag. I left the front zipper partially open so he could "see" clearly where we walked. It tied perfectly to the car seat belt too. At the groomers he was so content, feeling so secure, in his travel bag he refused to come out! From scared stiff of being contained originally, to being so secure and safe in "his house".

I believe its the same with separation anxiety. A little at a time. First, I got CoCo introduced to Grandma who baby sat in my home. I started with us 3 together, then gradually I'd leave for a minute, then two, and built up to longer durations. I think it helps when I ask him to take care of Grandma til mommy comes back. Over time I was able to leave more often for longer durations. He's now perfectly happy with either of us, whether he comes with me for a car ride or stays with Grandma.

Recently we started practicing alone time for CoCo where both Grandma & I leave. First Granda, then I to "go find Granda". First was a minute away. I'm up to 30 minutes now away to "go find Grandma" and upon my return he's waiting for me at the door, so sweetly, quietly!

In the car I started him early "to watch the car for mommy" while I zipped into a store briefly. I started at one minute away and I've been up to 30 minutes. Usually I take him in with me to stores but Walmart refused me. Luckily I had him trained.

He has a Martha Stuart travel kit: water & food bowls with rubber lids & rubber matching Pee mat that rolls up. These are always in the car with fresh water bottles. If I stop to visit a friend, away we all go - the travel kit included.

With the travel bag and travel kit already being used, I hope his first airline trip will be a breeze. We're scheduled to visit friends in Dallas. What shots does the U.S. airlines require for Coton cross-boarder travel from Canada?

I got so inspired by this posting that Coton's travel so well and are permitted to be with us in the airline cabin. Yes, CoCo's travel bag will fit under the seat in front (by my feet for take off) and Yes I will get the medical letter.

Actually, I probably have more separation anxiety then 8 month old CoCo. When we're apart briefly I feel like a part of me has left. We sleep together so its pretty much a bonding relationship full time. Recently I had another friend baby sit CoCo for an hour inside his house. CoCo had not been there before. It went very well. CoCo gave his one big coyote howl, my babysitter friend reported he too howled like a coyote and they had a blast together!

I always tell CoCo where I'm going and when I'll be back, whether its from a babysitters place, the car or our home.

I think these things mean a lot to a smart dog and the separation anxiety is much less for both of us.

What vaccination shots does the U.S. airlines require and for Coton cross-boarder travel from Canada if they are our emotional therapy companion dog?

Feb 17, 2015
Travel advice NEW
by: Sue

Thanks for the travel advice too, Iris. I would not have thought about that. We have a travel bowl for water so I'll be sure to use it a lot.

Feb 17, 2015
Separation Anxiety NEW
by: Sue

Yes, our trainer came today and Poppy has it bad. We are working on getting her to feel safe with me sitting on the opposite side of the baby gate. Lots of treats.

Feb 17, 2015
travel and separation anxiety NEW
by: Iris

P.S. sounds like Poppy might have separation anxiety. Tuffy does. He just cannot let me out of his sight or he goes insane. I do my best,
Good luck to you too.

Feb 17, 2015
travel companion NEW
by: Iris

Tuffy is even years old and has be cross country air traveling with me since he was 4 months old as my emotional assistance service dog, with a letter from my physician.he's a seasoned traveler.
Two warnings:
First, be sure your dog remains hydrated to avoid concentrated urine and possible kidney or bladder stone forming from undiluted urine.
Tuffy just had surgery to remove 26 calcium oxalate crystal stones from his urethra and bladder.serious surgery.bring pee Pee pads and a small bottle for water and a water bowl on your carry-on and teach you dog the command "go pee" whenever they pee praise them repeating go pee on the paper.
next, make sure before you travel that the letter from your doctor exceeds you trip itinerary. I had a problem with that most recently and hope to forget that nightmare. The letter was dated by the MD.a year before which the airline considered an expiration date and not valid. Believe me, you don't need that kind of stress.
ALSO, get your dog in the habit of riding in the car on the back seat in your airline approved size soft sided pet carry-on. Then your dog will feel secure in that carrier under the plane seat in front of your feet.
Lots more helpful info, just ask me.

Feb 17, 2015
Emotional Support Animal NEW
by: Sue

The key is to have a letter from a licensed therapist on letterhead and including his or her license information stating that you are a patient and that you need the pet to be with you for emotional support. The law states that the pet flies free and all hotels and even restaurants accept the pet. I think it is important to be respectful about this, however, so I do keep her as hidden as possible. I sat with her in my lap at dinner last weekend and an hour later the woman sitting next to me realized she was there. Only airlines have asked for the letter by the way.

Feb 17, 2015
flies free
by: Judy

What airlines do you use to fly free. None I've used are free. I'm sorry I don't know too many restaurants that allow pets. Help me out here.

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