my super snowy

by luisita v
(mississauga canada)

hi! I'm snow. I know when to behave well.
Sweetest dog ever

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Sep 15, 2015
new friends NEW

thank to my new found friends sherry candie cotton and coco.yehey i'm happy to meet u

Sep 15, 2015
Great Photo NEW
by: Anonymous

I wish my dog would let me dress him up - he won't have it. He'll roll around and try to get out of anything I try to put him in. No trick or treating for my pup.

Snowy is adorable

Sep 14, 2015
by: CoCo

Dear new puppy friend "Snow",

You are all white like snow? Ha, ha, my mommy named me "Coconut" 'cause I was white like shredded coconut! Yum, yum. That was one year ago.

I like your Superman robe. Cool. I want one too. I like to "perform". Can you fly yet? I run really really fast in large circles and then jump straight up over 5'. Mommy is suppose to catch me when I'm done performing but she misses the mark and I crash to the ground. I need SUPERMAN!

My friend is Samual Lane in SuperGirl. It airs October 26th. He's the General that directs complex tasks to Superman and now Supergirl. Yes, my friend knows Superman.

I had to tell you this cause I might get a Superman robe too. I will need it for my friends opening night on the 26th. I will be just watching it on TV. BUT MY MOMMY says we have to celebrate.

I behave very well too. I'm my mommy's best friend. We do everything together. I act like a boyfriend sometimes, french kissing. Your mommy says you are sweet. Well that hair cut on your ears makes you look real sweet. I want that cut. It's cute.

Sep 13, 2015
super snowy
by: sherry candie cotton

Hello Snowy, you look like Superdog!! Very cute and glad you are such a good dog and behave---most of the time. I like your name.

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