My beautiful true friend

by Natalie
(London, UK)

My Coton is just 6 months old and has been matt free completely as I brush and comb her every day. I recently was abroad for 10 days and could only find a Kennel (a family business of 40 years with brilliant reviews).
I took them everything, her bed, toys, brush and comb and all the food she eats. She was spotless when I left her there.
What did I pick up on my return? One very smelly, completely hair matted filthy dirty girl. I was appalled. They told me they brushed and combed her every other day. LIARS ... obviously.
I spent 8 hours (split time of course) yesterday removing mats from her. She was so good about it. I had to work very slowly with detangling lotion and sort of thinned out the matted parts only cutting the extreme knots. That did half of one side. I am working on the other side today. Tomorrow I will do the legs but the tricky part is on the sides of her mouth and chin. I would hate to have her shaved and will do anything in my power to prevent it of course providing that she is happy with me working on her mats, which is actually is being very good at the moment.
Of course I am furious at the Kennels and will never recommend this place to anyone with a long haired dog.
Cotons are the most beautiful dogs ever and have amazing characters. They are wonderful companions and extremely loyal.

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