My 8 mth old Coton still eats stuff on the grass

by Eva

Is it normal at this age to still be eating whatever they fancy when sniffing the grass? I try to discourage Ollie from eating leaves, rocks, wood bits or whatever else he finds by giving him treats for good behaviour. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. I worry that he will eat and swallow something that will warrant a vet visit. Does anyone else have this issue? Is it a common puppy thing? Will he outgrow this habit?

I give him premium dog food (1/2 cup twice a day) plus snacks including celery and some fruit and he goes out 4X/day for walks.

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Dec 12, 2015
Eats stuff on the grass NEW
by: Lulu & Socrates

Dogs will eat or chew on stuff on the grass. My little one does it too.
Only thing I can do is tell him leave it or drop it. Then he will walk away or drop what is in his moith. It works well most of time, but he also get away it with some stuff.

If he is really onto it, i clap to make sound to and say no.

Socrates has gotten better, but at a time he cannot help himself.

When he is outside, one of us is too. So he cannot get into Trouble.

Good luck.

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