Mr. Personality - Luxor Maurice

by Gita
(Washington DC)

Luxor 4 months old

Luxor 4 months old

Luxie (6) is hexalingual. His first language being Canadian French; second - Canadian and/or American English; third - Latvian; fourth - Russian; fifth - German - as his trainer was a German lady 'cause his Mommie thought he could benefit from some Teutonic discipline. And last but not least - number six - Luxor speaks Cat - he purrs and meows to get attention. So, here we go - Luxor, the Polyglot Coton!

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Jan 25, 2021
by: Aunt Vicki

Is there a sibling that might be available? I'm interested.

Jan 18, 2021
What a sweetie! NEW
by: Anonymous

PRECIOUS! He is absolutely gorgeous!

Jan 18, 2021
Absolutely NEW
by: His Daddy's brother

Absolutely beautiful. I had never seen Luxor and now I know why his Daddy bragged about him so much.
With his departed Daddy (a decorated U.S. Marine) who loved him so much now confined to romping around in heaven with lesser types, I'm sure Luxor keeps his Mommy very busy and is a perfect companion.

Jan 17, 2021
Winnie is a vocalizer NEW
by: Gigi

Haha! Well, Winnie and I are learning Spanish together! She vocalizes frequently with many voices that communicate her pleasure, affection, needs, demands, displeasure, and general dissatisfaction with my poor decision-making ( her estimation.)

She is so much fun, and as per one of the characteristics of her breed, is not shy about expressing her opinion. She’s the queen around here for sure,and I adore her. Perhaps one of the reasons she can be so intolerably spoiled!

Isn’t she a beauty? Love this little girl,, Hello to you and Luxor!

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