Mortiarty @ 2y7m

by Mitchell Tuckness
(Lovington NM)

Traveling is soooo - nap...

Traveling is soooo - nap...

It has been a while since I posted some images of Moriarty. So here are a few of my favorites I have snapped.

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May 22, 2013
Hehe Thanks! NEW
by: Mitchell Tuckness

Moriarty is adorable indeed. I have grown up with a lot of dogs and they were all great in their own right, but two of the dogs have stood out. One was my fathers Russian Springer, Paco. He was a very smart dog, excellent retrieving and personality.

But Moriarty, who has been with me since I got him from the breeder (@ 13 weeks)is just awesome in a house dog. I give a lot of the credit to Caesar Milan and other sites like this one. I read up on how to raise a puppy. I read up on their personality, grooming and a bunch of other stuff.

When I first got him I trained him in a kennel, because I was working and during the day when I was out I didn't want him chewing up everything etc. So I had a bunch of toys, I had a warm water bottle and one of those toys that has the heart sound in it. I gave him a treat when I left, I came home for lunch to let him outside to go potty, I left a TV running with soothing sounds so that he wouldn't get scared from loud noises outside the apartment and bark. I never yelled at him, I never spanked him while I was house training him (he pooped in the house a LOT when he was young) and I made sure when I let him start to sleep on the bed with me that he was petted a lot and that he was handled all over, his paws, belly, legs et cetera so that he wouldn't pull away and the like. One of the other things I did that I think made a huge different was to hand feed him and pet him when he was eating and that so he had no food aggression. Oh and the last thing I did was never feed him people food. Now that he is over two, he doesn't bed at the table, he doesn't mooch or try to get food out of your lap. In fact he shows no interest in what I am eating. He gets his food and I get mine, something I have never had a dog do, but I am hoping he will live longer because of it and I think all those things turned him into the lovable, cuddly little ball of hair.

It help's that these dogs are sooo soft, you can pet them all day long and not get tired. One other thing I do is I have his chest and belly trimmed as close as they can get every week. I think it makes his tummy ultra soft to pet and it keeps him cool when he has the long hair.

This breed, while a bit of work to maintain (hair) and their one person bonding and ultra loyalty is worth it. Smart, loving, energetic, trainable, soft, are just all around perfect.

May 22, 2013
Mortiarty NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

It is like Deja Vue looking @ the pictues he looks so much in the face and poses as Jonah. He is gorgeous & the pictures make u feel like u want to pick him up and give him a big hug. Thank u 4 sharing the wonderful pictures. What a beautiful face.

May 18, 2013
Mortiarty NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

Love these pics, hugs and kisses to you Mortiarty!

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