Miscommunication with my Groomer

by Kimberly
(Florida )

My sweet Henry , a gorgeous Coton, just turned 6 years old this month. I told my groomer that I wanted a short cut all around and just trim , shape the tail for summer. A summer cut.

My groomer said okay a low cut. Not knowing what a low cut is I said yes. My sweet Henry has been shaved all around his body, even his tail! His gorgeous cascading plume of a tail gone! Just a sprig of a tiny fan at the top.

I am so very upset. Will his fur grow back? Will his tail grow back with the beautiful long plumage hair draped over his back?

I’m so worried that his tail will never be the same or his lovely wavy hair!

I’m including his recent cut and tail.

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Mar 15, 2023
All too common
by: Gale

This is a common problem I've heard so many times. And both of my Cotons have been shaved at one time. It's shocking to pick them up to find all their beautiful hair is gone.

But it does grow back beautifully.

Mar 15, 2023
No worries.
by: Anonymous

I can imagine your face when you saw your loved one with a low cut! Lol. There is not much to worry about my friend. Everything will grow back. I do not know how long the hair was before and it might take, let’s say, the whole sommer to grow back, but everything will get back to normal. The good news is that Henry doesn’t even bother to mind about it. He will still enjoy the summer and make you fall in love with him every single day again.

This reminds me when our dog sitter cut a big chunk of hair of one of Jazz’s ears to get rid of a big thistle. I was upset for a little while, of course, but after a few hours I realized that Jazz was still the same funny guy jumping and running all over the place. «Oh well…..he will look terrible for a little while, but at least he had a blast playing in the fields ». Lol.

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