Meet Bobby

by Tracey
(St Albans England )

Bobby is 11 weeks old, very bitie, would love some advice on how to stop this please.
Other than that he’s absolutely wonderful.
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Mar 02, 2019
Play date NEW
by: Anonymous

We put our Coton in daycare with other dogs. Cured her of biting!

Feb 20, 2019
More Ideas on Biting NEW
by: Anonymous

Our Henry is now 11 months old, and biting/chewing have definitely been issues with him. What has helped us a lot is the advice our puppy training class instructor gave us when he was 12 weeks old. Whenever he would bite at us (usually our feet/shoes), we would make a loud terrible shrieking sound to immediately get his attention and stop the biting. Believe me, it worked! After he stopped, we could redirect him to doing commands or playing with a toy. Sometimes we did have to resort to the playpen for time-out, but it was not punishment for him.

Since he was neutered at 8 1/2 months, the biting behavior has improved greatly, and now we can simply speak disapprovingly to stop it most of the time. Be patient and realize your puppy needs exercise, positive discipline, and love, in that order. Exercise is key - puppiesy often do things that we see as misbehavior when bored or to expend energy.

Feb 14, 2019
Biting NEW
by: Anonymous

When my Maeve was around his age, her teeth of course, were very sharp. I taught her "no biting" by making a fist and putting it up to her mouth. She learned pretty quickly. She’s never bitten a dog/human. She’s 3 now and every now and then when we’re playing with toys, I only need to remind her with our sign for no biting 💕

Jan 21, 2019
Puppy Biting NEW
by: Anonymous

Our Coton is 15 weeks old. We have the same problem. He is always biting or chewing something and he jumps up and play nips at my husband and I. He lives to play. We tell him "no" every time, but it doesn't help. The only thing that works is giving him time out in his playpen. It's more time out for us than him. We've been told that it will get better when he's no longer teething. Other than his biting/chewing/nipping issues, he is the most adorable puppy. He's playful, funny, and very affectionate. He has been a wonderful addition to our lives. We love his puppy cuteness and playfulness, but we don't enjoy his biting.

Jan 21, 2019
Bitie puppy NEW
by: Gaynor

He is just trying to do what comes naturally which is to establish top dog of the pack. He doesnt realise this of course. Just a very firm 'NO' and turn you back on him. Do this every time and he will soon get the idea that this is not acceptable. It may take a little while but must be stopped. When he plays without doing this tell him what a good boy he is and reward him. Good luck he is gorgous.

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