by Betty

My Louie marks om my sofa and bed. He is 5 years old and just started

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Jun 28, 2014
Matking NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Has anything in your house chgd like a friend brought ovr their pet which may have marked so now they r claiming territory. Possibly a cat has become a new member of household. Any reason to that effect. Always also never leave out consulting your vet.

Jun 27, 2014
Louie Marking NEW
by: Iris

I've read that could be the cause of a bladder infection or nother health issue,especially if the dog just started this behavior may need a trip to the Vet. Or, if some other dog was there or a person who had the scent of another dog on them. I would get some Woolite Oxy foam cleaner and clean the areas, it will block his scent,let Louie watch you clean it, he will think you are marking the place as your own. Then keep him away from those areas until you're sure he gets the idea it's not his territory, it's yours.
Good luck. I hope it all turns out well.
p.s. my neighbor brought her new puppy over to visit, it was also a male and first thing it did was pee on everything, then it got onto Tuffy's new bed and pooped on the side of the cushion (where we could not see it). We used deodorizer cleaner on all the spots where he peed. Tuffy would not go on his bed again.A dog's nose is at least 200 times more sensitive to smell than ours.I decided to throw the bed and cushion into the washer with a good cleaning agent I have, and discovered the dried puppy poop stuck on it. No wonder Tuffy refused to get on his favorite bed! Anyway, I cleaned it off, washed and dried it, and still, he never went near it again. I gave it away.

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