Lost Pet Finder

Happy Endings for your Lost Dogs and Cats

Finally, a lost pet finder system that uses the best of today’s technology so you can have your dog or cat home faster than ever.

Here’s how I heard about FindToto.org. I came home recently to find an automated message on my answering machine alerting me about a lost cat in my neighborhood named Steven. The alert described the missing cat and provided a contact number. I had never heard anything like this before and went to the Find Toto website mentioned on the message and searched the site for my zip code. I found out that Steven the cat had already been found and returned home safely.

This was the talk on my block. We couldn’t believe how fast and easy it was for Steven’s owners to get him back safe and sound using this great missing pet finder tool.

How many of us have been in that heartbreaking situation when you realize your dog or cat is missing? You knock on doors, hammer posters around the neighborhood, drive for hours searching and calling for your lost pet.

The first hours when your pets are missing can be the most critical so having a fast and reliable system can mean the difference between life and death. Thousands of pets have been returned home safely using this advanced technology.

Here’s how this lost pet finder program works:

  1. Just choose how many neighbors you want them to call for you (prices range from $85 for 250 calls to $875 for 10,000 calls.)

  2. Fill out a simple form with your pet’s description

  3. Your neighbors will receive the call within minutes.

Use this system in conjunction with the proper pet identification to make your pets lost and found recovery as fast and easy as possible.

Improve the chances of having a happy ending for lost dogs and cats and check out FindToto.org.

Lost Pet Finder - Update

The Humane Society has started a new service that could change the way we search for our lost pets. It can be very difficult to find a lost pet today because there are so many avenues available to look for a missing pet. The Humane Society is trying to centralize ALL lost pet information so that anyone finding a lost pet or anyone searching for their missing pet can connect at the same place. You can sign up and learn more at TheCenterForLostPets.com.

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