Just adopted

by Jeff Goldstein
(New York City)

Just adopted 1.5 year old female Coton from owner. What can I expect the first couple of days? What is the most effective way to gain trust, and make her feel comfortable? Thank you

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Mar 12, 2021
Adjustment NEW
by: WRMAnonymous

Unless the dog was abused, I would expect to spend as much time together the first few days to it get adjusted to new surrounds, smells, noises, etc. Don't be surprised if it is shy at first. We adopted a puppy at about 5 months and she was scared at first. After a couple of days, she started acting more "normal" and soon was the boss, This is also time to show it your schedule sleeping habits, etc. Also, be sure to take it to a Vet for a general check up. Congrats on the new "person" in your life.

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