Jasper was just diagnosed with a luxating patella

by Leslie
(Oakland Ca)

Jasper got his fur cut a little short. But it will grow out

Jasper got his fur cut a little short. But it will grow out

I had noticed over the last 6 weeks or so that Jasper had more of a skip than normal. When I first adopted him, he seemed to prance at times. I feel that this is a progression of his" prancing" I kept thinking that he had somehow injured himself. I emailed his vet and with his symptoms this was what she suspected. I took him in and on exam she felt a crunchiness at his knee which is called crepitus. She put him on Metaclam which is a non steroid anti inflammatory medication for dogs. She then recommended that I start him on Cosequin which is like glucosamine.

Well he takes the Metaclam easy as it is sweet and I squirt in his mouth. The Cosequin is another story. He hates it. I have ground and broken it up. I am goin to try it in cheese or peanut butter. I had to only take short walks for 2 weeks. Then I tried taking him around the lake. He had to stop every 20 min and lie down. It is such a bummer because going out side is his favorite activity as he does not play with toys.

This condition happens in small dogs like Maltese and Cotons my vet said. Jasper still loves to chase the ducks and he loves to run hard for a little bit in patches of healthy grass . My vet says this is a chronic condition. If he stops the skipping, I can stop the Metaclam. On days when he seems to mostly have the skip/ limp then I can give him pain medication. I gave him his first dose yesterday and it was great. It did not snow him or anything.

You know it is hard. We all want our children and pets to be healthy. This is sad about Jasper. I think though he is blessed to come to my home because I can and want to take care of him. I hope sometime we can walk the whole lake again but meanwhile I want him to become asymptomatic if possible.

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Jul 09, 2014
Jasper's meds NEW
by: Jolie's Mom

I have 10 doggies, with 7 of them being rescues. They are Jolie (Coton de Tulear), Kayne (Maltese), Brutus(Chihuahua), FiFi(toy poodle), Hellion and Havoc(the Yorkie Brothers), Chomper(Morkie), Chaos(Pittbull), Roscoe(Pitt mix) and Taz(Rottie) and every one of them dislike any meds! The only way that they will take them is wrapped up in a cheese slice, stuck in the middle of a piece of hot dog weiner or put into a "Pill Pocket" which you can buy from your vet or pet stores like PetSmart. Basically, these are kinda strong smelling (and so I would assume tasting also) little cylinder shaped "treats" that are hollow. You put the pill inside and then sort of smush the opening closed around the pill. Mine will eat even their heart worm meds, using these. And my bigger doggies have been know to eat all the goodie around the pills and then spit the meds out, so I feel they are worth using!

Jul 04, 2014
by: Leslie

Thank you everyone for the awesome comments. I really really appreciate it and I read and retread them.
I could not find liver sausage at whole foods or a less expensive grocery but I cooked some chicken liver and ground the Cosequin and made little ball like sausages and he loved it!!! I am so grateful as he does not like the Cosequin taste cut I made my little sausage thing and it worked.
Jasper loves cheddar, blue and Brie cheese. They are such a tart for him and are readily available. The pain med is supposed to not be bad tasting so I do put it in the cheese and give to him.
I looked up ark naturals and I will order him some once I get through the bottle of what we have.
I am also considering the bullseye piller. I looked at some videos on line and it looks like it would work it is still hard for me to get his mouth open but I need practice.
Yesterday Jasper and I went with his girl friend Mimi and my friend and we went to a wine tasting room here in Oakland. We attached their leashes to our tall chairs and the winery gave them a big bowl of water to share. I brought the freeze dryer cheese treats which he sometimes eats and sometimes not. Well Mimi ate some and he followed suit. The 2 dogs were so incredible we'll behaved. Mimic is solid black and Jasper is white so they looked cute. It was a lot of fun.
A bunch of us are having a picnic close to my building. We are BBQing chicken. Jasper will love it. For Jasper and friends Jasper is bring water and kibble and I'm bring a cooler of individual waters and champagne. No cooking for me this year. Have a wonderful July 4 all!

Jul 02, 2014
by: sherry cotton candie

So sorry to hear about your troubles Jasper. Hope you will heal very soon. It is such a pain trying to get pills down their throats. The only way for me to do it with cotton is to cut it in small pieces ( if big) and place it in velvetta or brie cheese. She loves cheese and those are really soft and the pills stick in it good. cheese always gives her bowel problems so the only time she gets it is with a pill.

Good luck to you little guy.

Jul 01, 2014
by: Iris

P.S. Jasper is a beautiful dog! He looks like a French version of the Coton with those long legs.
Tuffy nd I don't feel very happy when I take him to a Groomer for a summer cut.They always do it too short and we are both a little sad until it grows back. I try to keep him trimmed myself because he gets so traumatized at the Groomers, no matter where I bring him, same issues. It takes me several days ongoing to cut his hair, I do a little bit at a time, because he trembles so I know it's time out. Good luck with Jasper, he looks so sweet.
(see my previous remarks about Tuffy and "not luxating patella").
Tuffy's mommy

Jul 01, 2014
Not luxating patella
by: Iris

I think I left a long message a long while back about Tuffy and his bad knee. I researched on line (my Vet said never do that again) and thought Tuffy had all the symptoms of Luxating patella. I rushed him to the Vet's office. The Vet moved the dog's knee joint around and popped it in and out and said "this is not luxating patella,a rare condition, he has loose joints, just like some people are "double jointed". So now and then he jumps off the bed or couch or makes a sharp turn, his knee pops out, and it hurts, I can tell because he stops and lies down and lick his rear paw and knee.He knows to rest it. The Vet showed me how to pop it back,(I try) and he said it will eventually go back to normal if I can't do it(I cringe just thinking of it). Shorter frequent walks aren't too bad for him. Good luck.

Jun 30, 2014
by: Anonymous

Try a little fresh or smoked liver sausage for the pill - I have to give JR his meds on a weekly basis and peanut butter sometimes works. But the liver sausage is so soft that he just almost swallows it with no problem at all Also I give both of my boys Ark Naturals Joint Rescue Helps Maximize Mobility - my vet says its fine to give it to them. Little Boy as a loose joint and I was giving him the matalox too - didn't really seem to help - but he's fine now. Good Luck. The Joint Rescue is Chicken and their small squares. Joyce from Michigan

Jun 30, 2014
giving cosequin
by: dog lover

I once had to give one of my dogs Cosequin
The only thing that seemed to help was Dr. Hanson's Bullseye pill gun that I sent away for online. It worked wonders for me because my dog was very difficult to get pills into.

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