Jasper joining me and requesting some cheese while I have some wine after work on the balcony

by Leslie
(San Francisco Bay Area)

Jasper requesting some cheese!

Jasper requesting some cheese!

You see,this is what happens. Jasper gets on his hind legs and smiles. If I am having some wine and cheese after work, he wants some cheese. This is how he asks for it. I find him really hard to resist! He knows it and he gets on his hind legs. He loves the balcony and goes back in forth inside and out.

I am having a hard time keeping him on a regular eating schedule. I give him food twice a day and sometimes he leaves his bowl for hours so then I sneak in and give him some treats. These days, he seems to really like cheese. He does not like sourdough bread though, but he will eat other ingredients on a sandwich. I am still searching for normal dog feed that he really likes. I know giving him human food does not help.I never do it during meals but when we are relaxing with friends , he can be irresistible!

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Jun 08, 2014
Feeding update NEW
by: Leslie

Well I finally placed an order from Chewys last night . Jasper says he is looking forward to trying the Halo brand.
I keep forgetting to get the pumpkin to add to his food but he says he wants to try it. Should the pumpkin come from dog food store or can we get from the human section of the grocery? He likes plain Greek yoghurt and he loves boiled chicken I also bought some frozen veggies with grain from Trader Joes and I mix chicken with it. He is not a big vegetable eater yet. Maybe the pumpkin will help.
I fried him up some chicken livers and tried to pat most of the fat put. He scarfed the livers down. So far he loves homemade boiled chicken, grilled salmon and chicken livers the best. We are going to try blur
E berries tonight thanks for listening!

Jun 04, 2014
Watch out mice, Jasper's after your cheese! NEW
by: Sandra and Spike

Hi Jasper, you clever boy. You know you are cute and you know how to get round your mummy when you want something. Spike does this too. It is so hard to resist giving them food when they are as funny as this. Occasionally Spike sneaks the odd crisp off me and then gives the game away by crunching it loudly and looking proudly at you while he does it. Enjoy your cheese Jasper. At least you are not after the wine!
Love the picture. You are soooo cute!

May 16, 2014
Thanks so much for all of the helpful hints
by: Leslie and Jasper

Thanks so much for helping with ideas to feed Jasper. I have written all of these wonderful ideas down and I plan to methodically try each one. I will start June 1. I am leaving for Lake Tahoe tomorrow with my older aunt and her friend. My aunt is 88 and she wants to see Tahoe again. I have to leave Jasper home. It will be the first time that we have been apart overnight. Thankfully, he will be home in his own environment with my sister. She is very good with him and he really likes her. I wonder if he will think that I have left him for good. I hope not. I will be home in time for Memorial Day weekend and we will spend a lot of time together before I have to go back to work the following Tuesday. When I get back we plan to start a couple of new feeding ideas that several of you have graciously provided. Thank you again!

May 14, 2014
Spoiled Beany.
by: Anonymous

Beany is also very picky. He begs for food all the time but he really just wants treats. Pupperoni. I have to hand feed him his dog food. I feel so silly but I don't think he would eat if I didn't. Thanks for the tips.

May 14, 2014
by: sherry cotton candie

Jasper you are the cutest ever!!! I can see why you are so irresistible. What an adorable picture. My girls are picky like you.
I have found if I sprinkle a few Blue Freedom pieces around on their beds - by their toy box and on our bedroom floor it becomes like an egg hunt to them and they usually will find them and scarf them down.

They also get in the pm either primal raw or fresh select. Maybe you might like it also. You little dogs have a way to our hearts and beg all kinds of goodies. Just to hard saying no, especially the way you beg. Sooooo Precious!

May 14, 2014
Jasper the cute cheese lover
by: Truffles Mom

Omg is he handsome. Cotons are so similar- I sometimes think they are cloned! Never gets old to see these fluffernutters on their back legs & dancing!

Truffles at times also dies not eat. I feed him Halo dog food. I give him a mixture daily of chicken, vegetables & seafood. I order on line & it's more affordable then if I didn't.

Truff loves cheese also. I keep a bag of shredded 2% on hand & if I want to make him eat I will put a pinch in the bowl. Cleaver little white fur ball at times literally picks his food out to the floor & eats the cheese but normally it gets his appetite going. Other tricks are some raw green bean pieces mixed in or a soft boiled egg chopped up & mixed in.

Jasper is so adorable! Enjoy your boy!

May 14, 2014
by: Connie and Charlie

Jasper is such a cutie! Charlie likes his Blue Buffalo(chicken or beef)dry food with a teaspoon of plain lowfat Greek yogurt on top for breakfast. Sometimes he gobbles it all up, and sometimes he'll eat the yogurt and leave most of the dry food. He eventually eats it all!

May 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

I started adding a teaspoon of canned pumpkin to Sydney's meals and she gobbles it all up right away. She used to be like Jasper and take all day to eat her food. The pumpkin is from the pet food store and typically used as a dry food transition. Very healthy for them.

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