Is she a Coton?

by Kelly C.
(Beloit, WI)

We got this little baby in November 2013, and supposedly the mom was a cocker, and we think the father was a Chinese Crested Powderpuff. We saw both parents onsite, but the backyard breeder was very vague with our puppy's details. She told lie after lie about shots, breeds, etc. Long story short, we paid $150 just to get the puppy away from her.

I was on the internet one day and came across a photo of a celebrity holding a Coton, and it looked exactly like our Maya! So here's my question, is there a way to determine her breed? I heard about doggy DNA tests, but are they reliable? She's a wonderful dog, and she brings so much joy to our family!

I am enclosing photos of Maya. Let me know what you think!

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Feb 23, 2014
is she a coton NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

She is certainly adorable whatever she is. Cocker/Powder Puff should make a good temperament breed if that's what she is. Her coloring is very striking. We welcome all dogs on this site so hang around & keep us updated on her puppy antics growing up. Thanks for sharing her adorable picture.

Feb 22, 2014
coton ????? NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

She looks like she could be, as you were told watch for the fading of color but she is such a little princess. Just adorable, I bought a rescue puppy mill dog that was sold as a coton but since getting her hair longer I have my doubts. Regardless we love her and she is a wonderful addition to our family, also a playmate to our "real" coton. Just enjoy her and unless you would plan to breed, it really doesn't matter long as she is healthy and you love her----right?

Feb 22, 2014
RE: Is she a Coton? NEW
by: Anonymous

Iwould save your money trying to determine her breed and have a titers blood test done to ensure she HAS had all her shots and is in good health. Cotons AVG $2000 for a non-show, non-breeding dog. Any true breeder will ensure a contract is in place, one way to weed out the puppy mills. A breeder will keep the best Coton for breed or show, sell the rest. It usually costs another $1000 to get the right to breed. This is to protect the breeder and the bloodline reputation/integrity. As one person commented she is adorable anyway. In some ways she looks like she might but her fur looks too thin for a Coton. You'll know if she has ANY Coton in her as she grows up because the dark fur will fade. All Cotons lose most of their color(some lose all) leaving at most light patches of beige where it was brown or black to grey or commonly the color going to tips of fur only. Snugs head was all dark brown with a bit of black and his brothers head all black. Now snug has a little beige just on his ears with the tips ever so slightly grey and his brother just has a little dark grey on his ears. Enjoy your puppy for whatever he is and perhaps reveal thru social media who this unreputable breeder is,
as we all want to stop puppy mills even the small ones, anyone who lies about shots etc is not trustworthy. Hope this helped

Feb 22, 2014
I agree NEW
by: Iris

Maya is beautiful, and even more, she's one lucky pup to be in a loving family. She looks like a Coton or something like it, and anyway, what does it matter, now they are selling all kinds of mixed breed puppies as "Designer"pedigree dogs. I saw some beautiful newborn pups at the groomer's this a.m. I can't remember what name they said, but they were Maltese/Papillon/Japanese (something?). And they were the cutest puppies! I'm sure they'll find loving homes too.
Iris & Tuffy.

Feb 22, 2014
Looks like it! NEW
by: Trish

I got a coton in 2010. I also have another dog from PAWS. I did do a DNA test on Cash and I think it was pretty spot on. I bought it on Amazon. Your pup is so cute! Good Luck!

Feb 22, 2014
Is she a Coton? NEW
by: Andrea B

She is gorgeous, whatever she is.

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