Is it OK for Coton de Tulear dogs to wear collars?

by Elyse

You indicate on your site that a good collar is necessary. The breeder has informed me that she would not use a collar due to the soft neck on a Coton de Tulear.

The trainer will not train without a collar.

Is a collar ok?

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Apr 17, 2010
Important rules for a collar
by: Iris Miller

Information I have gathered specific to my Coton wearing a collar and training, Tuffy was originally on a harness because I was afraid of injuring his trachea with a collar (because he pulled on the leash so much). When we started puppy training I switched to a nylon webbed collar and short leash because the trainer said it was a better way to train and the dog is able to respond to your lead. Tuffy has developed a very strong muscular neck, and I have extended his lead and keep the collar high and loose on his neck.He is very comfortable with it and actually tries to put it back on himself after I remove it to groom him. It's his jewelry.(yes, he told me so)
When putting a collar on, make sure you can fit two fingers under it comfortably and check this measurement frequently to make sure it is not too tight. The collar should be up high and forward, on the neck near the jaw line,not around his throat, and loose enough without being able to pull it over the head. Use a collar that is wide enough and of a smooth fabric that will not tangle in the long hair, I massage Tuffy's neck and shoulders frequently, dogs are holding their head up all day, they appreciate massage as much as we do, and always ask for more.

Apr 17, 2010
Cotons and Collars
by: Anonymous

As far as collars in general, collars are definitely recommended for virtually all dogs as long as they are the right style and size for the breed. They provide a place for identification for your dog which is essential, and they provide a place for the leash which is also a must for safety.

So, I can only assume you mean that the breeder doesn't want you to use a choke collar that some people use for training. This is definitely correct. This could be harmful for small dogs or dogs with long hair like the Coton. There are other safe training collars like the halter and many different kinds of training methods that don't use the choke collar. I would be very wary of a trainer who would want to use a choke collar on a small or long hair dog.

I hope this answers your question. Remember, when in doubt, ALWAYS err on the side of your dog's safety.

Maybe the breeder was referring to very young puppies....

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