Is it normal for cotons to sleep most of the time.

by Michael
(Washington dc)

My coton is extremely calm and naps all the time. He us not even 2 yet . His nose is always dry

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Aug 30, 2014
sleeping Cotons NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Jonah is also played back. Always has been. I to decided it was time to get a dog that activity level was not terrier crazy.

Don't get me wrong but as a so called doggy day care, meaning when the kids go on trips our house either has 2 Bostons or a Chiweenie or both when all go home we veg.

Jonah is grt 8 with other dogs, he shares his toys & with since the 1 is still under 1 leaves his food alone since he munched.

A reg day will start out w/ a walk or a walk & the dog park. During our summer the dog park amounts to only once or twice a week since its hot. Pretty much Jonah sleeps behind the bathroom door or in on the bed in what I call the cold room under the fan once we get home.

Around 12pm he gets up & I take him out he gets his dental snack & it's back to nap. Now I do also brush his teeth. I then do not see him until 3:30pm bc he eats at 4. I still split his food & he does eat twice a day.

He then hangs up on the back of the couch to watch what's going on outside or visits w/us while we watch tv. Then in between napping while we watch tv he gets his cookie around 7-8pm & sleeping by 9.

As u c pretty boring. Now at anytime we go to visit or a trip to say Petco he is the 1st one to get his harness on & ready to go visit. When our weather cools down so the cement is not to hot we resume our evening walks.

Also unless they just got a drink of water their would b no reason for their nose to b wet. Also don't judge a warm nose when they just get up since most dogs lay curled up so nose will b warm.

Sorry this is long it's early & I'm pretty sure I was rambling on. (-:

Aug 28, 2014
sleepy coton NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

Mine are very laid back and content to nap and lay around most of the time. We have play time for a few minutes thru out the day which only lasts maybe 5 minutes. After dinner its always time for running around the couch 4/5 times. She is tired and ready to sit quietly..............This was one of the selling points for me as I am older and could not keep up with a more ambitious breed.

They pretty much do what we do, walks are welcome in cooler weather but for now they are pretty much couch potatoes. I would not worry as long as eating and potty is ok.

Aug 27, 2014
Naping Coton NEW
by: Mrs. C.

First off I would have him checked out by a vet just to make sure there is no underlying problem. Coton's for the most part are very calm. My little girl sleeps a lot, but she does get rambunctious, but she has cat buddies to play with. There is a difference between just sleeping and being lethargic. If he is lethargic he would show no interest in doing anything except sleeping. If he is just very calm he would get up and play if he had stimulation, such as chase a ball, beg for treats, wanting to go for walks, etc.

Is he eating, drinking and going to the bathroom okay? It is possible with all of the summer heat that he may be dehydrated. I would make sure that he is getting adequate hydration. You can flavor his water with a little broth and see if you can get him to drink more. If he does not perk up with stimulation I would definitely get him checked out at the vet.

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