I need advice about burrs -Tuffy get a home grooming

by Iris Miller
(Bristol, CT USA)

Tuffy and Iris

Tuffy and Iris

I need advice, we will be visiting my sister and her yard is full of weeds, stickers and burrs. Last time we visited Tuffy had burrs the size of rice in between his toes, stuck in the hair of his feet, face, body, everywhere.

The hair wound around them and it was hell pulling them out one by one. The poor dog and I suffered through it each time I took him out to relieve himself. Tuffy refuses to ever go pee on a pee pad again, he is too grown up (at two years old).

Any advice on how to keep those burrs and foxtail stickers from sticking on to the hair?
Tuffy has been such a good boy, and so patient with me while I am learning to groom him. He is much less nervous than he was at the professional groomers. I have cut his hair three times with the clippers only, the comb attachments do not work. I watched the training video a dozen times and really wish I had one with an actual Coton being groomed, not a standard Poodle!

Anyway, I am getting worse, not better, this last time took a couple of big chunks of hair out. I cut enough hair off to build another Coton! Lucky it is summer and his hair grows faster. It has only been less than two weeks and I am getting ready to bathe him and trim his hair again. I still have the traveling Vet trim his nails at Pet Supplies Plus.

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Aug 22, 2010
thanks for the good advice
by: Iris

Thanks BJ, I am getting ready to groom Tuffy as soon as the rain stops. I'll follow your grooming clipper size instructions and let you know how it goes.As for the baby food jar, thanks for the laugh.I visualized that scene. I don't need to do that with Tuffy, he gets impatient and does not like to be groomed, but is really very good about it.U give him treats afterwards. I think he would chew the boots off before I got out the door with him. The solution to the trip is for me to leave him with my son and daughter in law (and I am fretting over it). It will be the longest we've been apart.
I am really getting tired of people telling me not to worry, "he is JUST A DOG".
Not so in my eyes.
Iris and Tuffy

Aug 22, 2010
One thought on this...
by: BJ

Hi Iris. Gee..only thing I can think of would be to buy Tuffy some doggy booties to wear when he goes outside at your sister's house. I would groom him all over real short before going, then put booties on him whenever he goes out. He may not like the booties, but it may be the only solution.

By the way...your Tuffy-grooming looks great! My friend has helped me with Kooper. We used #10 blade (Andis clippers) on tummy; #4 blade on body and legs; little Wahl clippers with attachment around face and on foot pads. Used curved scissors for trim up. Still a 2-person job for me. The treat I use is a jar of babyfood (chicken) from the refrigerator. One person holds the jaw for him to focus on and lick...other person is clipping while he is so absorbed in getting his tongue into that jar.


Aug 01, 2010
Need advice about weeds and stickers
by: IRIS

I posted a plea for advice recently for advice.(scroll down to find it) does anyone have any problem with burrs and sticker weeds in their dog's hair? We are going to California again and in the summer the grass dries up and the weeds go to seed, little rice sized stickery burrs and weed stickers of every size and shape .What can I do to prevent them getting tangled in Tuffy's hair and feet?
Any advice?

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