I can't take my dog for walks, can this hurt his health?

I have an almost 8 year old Coton de Tulear. I have a back injury and so my Coton does not get that many walks. He does play around the house a lot. Can that cause him to have health issues?

Because of my back injury, he has been with me a lot in bed and now when I take him out he pulls a lot and wants to be held. So, he does not get out as much as before. Could that hurt his health? He plays in the house a lot. He snuggles with me when I am stuck in bed. Thank you in advance.

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Nov 12, 2015
can"t take my baby for walk NEW
by: Lulu

If my Socrates chooses between and go for a walk and play, he will most definitely choose to play.
I think as long as your baby has good play time, he/she will be fine. My Socrates loves his chew toys and interactive play times. I hope that you will get better soon to take care of your baby soon.

Nov 09, 2015
Health NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

I'm sorry to hear of your problem. If he is 8 yrs old did the back problem just happen so he was walked b4 but now that your laid up theirs a problem?

Will you be stuck from now on b/ c of your back or r u just healing & then be able to become more active?

Did he pull before if walked or did he just start it?

Is the reason he started pulling because your in a chair now & b4 you were able to walk?

Nov 08, 2015
Exercise and dog health NEW
by: Gale

I'm sorry to hear about your injury. Exercise is important for dogs health and it can also prevent behavior issues. My dog will start getting naughty (chewing pillows, barking) if he doesn't get enough stimulation and exercise.

Do you have a fenced yard where your dog can run around in? Is there a friend or neighbor who can help with dog walking? Maybe hire someone?

Best of luck

Nov 08, 2015
Hire a walker NEW
by: Anonymous

Fi now, I would hire a walker At this stage in his life you want timdevelope healthy habits. Check Rover . Com for your area

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