I am so blessed to be in this loving and supportive community

by Iris

My grief increases day by day, the tears continue to flow.
In the "real" world, few have tried to console me, they say " at least Tuffy is no longer suffering", my reply is " Yes, I know that, it is I who is suffering now. "

Tuffy's death did not sever the bond we have. In my heart and mind he is still with me, it kills me not having him stare into my eyes, it hurts that I cannot hold him, I cannot e comforted or calmed as he was so wise to do this for me. a gentle touch of his paw on my forearm, a sneaky little kiss on my ankle, the toy, his baby hedgehog he would allow me to have to cheer my sadness. The funny acts he performed to crack me up laughing. My love, my best friend forever. He knew the command " watch me!" I know he still watches me. I miss him so much, every thing I do, everywhere I go, it was Tuffy first. I had a Medical appointment this week. The Doctor came in the room head down asking, "where's Tuffy?I was looking forwardto se eing him" I cried, I told him Tuffy died.We both cried. Tuffy was a big Celebrity a big Personality. I was his pet-person, barely noticed at the other end of the leash. Anywhere I go Tuffy is expected to appear. I took a trip to New York recently, the flight attendant asked for him!!! Tuffy had his wings from SW Air, the little guy was a coast to coast frequent flyer.

There will be no " getting over" his loss. Every inquiry , need to explain how and why he died, and every dead silence or words of sympathy adds another crack in my heart.I grew up with dogs, raised a family with dogs, they were a significant part of our family. This was something different and special, this was just Tuffy and Mommy. Never alone together. Loving and caring for each other. I know that you know,
God Bless and keep you well.

Love Always.🐢🌹
It is good, a blessing, to have so much care from you all. "

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Jul 26, 2018
Sherry Cotton candy NEW
by: Iris Miller

Thank you Sherry,
Very sweet and kind lady.
Your friendship and comments are most welcome,
Blessing and love,

Jul 26, 2018
by: sherry candie cotton

I find this sad that you can be refused a younger dog at a rescue place, they are so desperate to find homes and you could give any animal a loving home. I am a senior also and my dogs do not get a daily walk anymore as the heat has been to much for them and me.

To keep them happy and not getting bored we go to pet stores, sometimes just rides or a trip to the DQ. Small dogs are not that hard to care for and its not fair you are denied a younger dog, maybe not a puppy but not old either.

I agree about an old dog, they would come with health issues and then you would be facing possibly losing another one which you sure do not need right now, plus the expense.

Senior complexes can be restrictive so it is harder to have pets. I wish you good luck and do you like cats??? They would be easier to care for but not always as loving---except on their terms. lol

Take care and love from me and my precious girls!!

Jul 25, 2018
Sherry and Cotton NEW
by: Iris Miller

Thank you
I have thought about yours and Gale's suggestion to look
into adopting a sheler / foster dog and already I was denied a couple because the dogs were young,or puppies
and very energetic, they suggested since I am a Senior, I should look for a senior dog who would match my energy.
Wisdom warns me, a senior dog is more likely to develop end of life health issues=more heartache and expense.Neither of which I can afford. Tuffy was a certified service animal and I would have to train another one to be legally allowed to
Live with me, otherwise, no animals welcome iin this Senior housiing community, ( yes, ps seems like every other apartment has a cat in it.).
My good boy is at work with the angels.
Love, Tuffy's Mom Iris

Jul 25, 2018
I understand your pain NEW
by: Cotton Candie Sherry

My heart just breaks for you as I remember reading all the posts of you and Tuffy. The bond was strong and he was very fortunate to have been so loved but now that leaves you with so much sadness.

We never get over our loss of furbaby but there is something so different about the coton breed that makes them our children. I almost lost Cotton two years ago to Lepto and was a crazy sad lady for weeks until she finally recovered. Only the miracle of God pulled her thru as even the vet said it was divine intervention.

Tuffy was very special I wish there was some way to ease your suffering but even time will not take it away, perhaps getting another animal dog or cat would help, not as a replacement but something to hold and give you comfort and the companionship so you are not alone.

Again I am so very sorry. It's just the hardest thing to have to accept when we lose them. You gave me advice and encouragement back years ago when I got my two, have never forgotten it and sorry I cannot help you in your time of need.

Take care and big hug to you,

Jul 25, 2018
Gale and Luc NEW
by: Iris Miller

Many blessings and a bushel of Love
Thanks for being here for us❣️🐢🌹
Kisses to youπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Love licks to Luc πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…

Jul 25, 2018
Tuffy was blessed NEW
by: Gale

I think of you often, Iris. I've had dogs (and cats) all my life and I've worked in shelters for years so I know that the bond you had with Tuffy was special and rare. He was a lucky dog to have a mom who loved him so much and who still does. Sending lots of love from me and Luc.

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