how to replenish thin coat

by becca
(reno, nv)



My coton, Spaghetti, is a rescue. We only just found out that she is a coton. The shelter thought papillon mix? But after looking at pictures and doing lots of reading, we are now sure she's our little cotton ball.

I'm concerned however that her coat is pretty thin. She has had a lot of struggles with fear and anxiety from her past which we've been working through, and I think that could be the reason. She was really matted at the shelter so we had to get her clipped but the growing coat is still thin where i can see her skin in some places

Wondering if anyone has any tips for how to bring back that thick fluffy coat?

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Mar 15, 2015
Dippidity-Doo NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

Remember the 60's dippidity-doo gel we used on our hair? Well I made one for CoCo when he came with fine hair. It thinkens the hair in appearence and adds brilliance and shine. I use 100% Jojoba Oil, about a teaspoon, add a few drops sweet orange essential oil. I wet my finger tips with the oils and fluff up his hair over his head, back, legs, tail. It keeps fleas & ticks at bay too! The oil is non greassy after a minute once applied. The hair appears much fuller, adds body & shine and the natural sweet orange scent is delicious and soothing.

Sun shine will bring the hair much much fuller, more alive. Lots of sunshine & fresh air. CoCo likes to jump the hoola-hoop outside with fresh cut apples awaiting as his treat! Afterwards he awaits his hair brushing and hair snips. Shorter hair looks fuller. Finish with home-made Dippidity-doo!

Avoid synthetic toxic scents. The Coton responds well with positive love training and real natural products. Toxic flea powders may irrate skin and dull their aura energy. Try Jojoba Oil with natural lavendar essential oil (1drop) for fleas. Natural home cooked foods are filled with fresh nutrition without dulling chemicals or presetvatives. CoCo loves fresh cut apples, bananas, blueberries, peaches, pinenuts & cheese for treats. I rotate and offer small amounts from my hand. Green beans with butter, yams with molasses & oven baked chicken breast (or beef) he loves for dinner. He watches me cook from the dining-room carpet view into the kitchen. He wants to be served on "glass" plates! Add fresh olive oil instead of real real butter now & then. Lightly scrambled eggs for breakfast or soft boiled egg yokes dipped in toasted seed bread. Rice with basted bacon & carrot chunks for lunch. His grand-ma "Oma" treats him with sour-dough rye crusts with seeds, dipped in warm milk - she takes a bite, dips the seeded crust in milk & he takes a bite, dips the warm milk, she takes a bite, he takes a bite. At 4:00 a.m. he hears "OMA" in the kitchen warming her morning milk. He jumps from my bed to do his thing with "OMA" - warm milk with a pinch of tumernic! Then he comes snuggles in bed with me again.

If you can't home make every meal, have a few cans of quick Spam, ham, Tuna or Sardines on hand. At a $1 store you can purchase FDA approved people food in cans for $1 (lesser expensive than dog-food cans filled with utility grade meat left overs, bones and 4-D product!).

CoCo loves rice. I boil the rice and have a dish full in the fridge. I re-warm the rice as needed, in a frying pan with butter, slowly cooked, sauted, add a few shredded vegetables, stir in an egg and his meal is ready in 3 minutes - fried rice! Don't forget to add cheese now & then, or chicken, or bacon. Rotate butter with olive oil. Add a pinch of salt. CoCo loves fresh butter and sea salt. Sea weed is salt tasty too and a great green food!

Shine and thickness for Coton hair is real genuine love and joyful play. If I get upset with CoCo his hair dulls & flattens in 30 seconds. If I treat him with compliments, special time (outside games, slow car rides with his face out the window to sniff the scents, gardening play & bedroom cuddles) he lites up like a big white Coconut fluff ball!

CoCo likes home made oatmeal biscuits with a pinch of real coconut (ground).

Here are more natural tips for shiny healthy hair:

When I bath CoCo I use all naturall made shampoo with plant extracts. No preservatives. No chemicals. No flea powders. I use natural essential oils with nourishing Jojoba Oil as flea & tick repellants. He has real hair (not fur) and I bathe him each Thursday "too look pretty". I ensure to rinse his hair well. I use the shower spray hose, softly, warm water to my wrist test. CoCo is sleeping beside me now, cuddled. . . The cute boy. . . His hair is so beautiful.

When I got CoCo he was nervous, shy & taunt, hair dull. I changed him to home cooked meals as we did for our dogs on the farm many years ago. Everyone in the neighborhood now calls him "the happy dog". Spoil a Coton with attention and he'll spoil you right back with dedicated love and purpose to please.

Hope this info helps. If your dog is a Coton he'll enjoy and respond to your concern and love. Just you posting I know you already love your baby!

Mar 14, 2015
Fluffy coat NEW
by: Truffles mom

Spaghetti is just absolutely precious and definitely looks like a cotin!

Not long ago someone posted something about a rescue dog and rubbing oils of some sort on the dogs coat. Just look back at postings maybe a month or so old and you should find something there. Whatever this person dad worked. I remember I needed to make a mental note of it, which I did, however I forgot what kind of oil's that they were.

Keep us posted on spaghetti, such a cutie pie!

Mar 13, 2015
Spaghetti NEW
by: Anne

Spaghetti is adorable. I thought the beauty of a Coton was that they all didn't look exactly alike. You can have a DNA test done. They cost about $60. US. We are having same issue with our dog because of medical reasons and I sure would like to know the outcome of your visit to the vet or groomer.

Our Molly just completed a 5 month course of anti-inflammatories (prednisone and mycophentonal). She is only five and lost her ability to walk because of a tick borne disease called anaplasmosus (spelling?). In any event, while on the meds her hair came out in clumps all over her body except for her face. The doctor said that it was normal and would grow back. She has been off the meds about 1 month and her hair has not returned to her normal furry coat. We had her professionally groomed so she looked more even and I am hoping she returns to her furry self. Our Molly has been put on a low ingredient food. Don't know if that is the reason her hair is slow to return. The good news is she is walking well and seems to have returned to her sparkling personality and prancing walk once we stopped the meds. These dogs are treasures, no matter what they are mixed with. We are smitten with the breed.

Mar 13, 2015
Replenished thin coat NEW
by: Julia

Spaghetti is adorable! I can see the cotton in her for sure. She looks like my teddy who is a black-and-white and cotton also.

I would suggest talking to your vet and or a really good knowledgeable groomer. I do agree that it could be stress related and providing her with a loving, calm environment may be enough for her to regain her health.

Spaghetti may also be a mix. I agree that she may have the mix of a breed with finer hair. I also understand your concern for her thin spots. She is beautiful and with time and patience she can come out of her shell and allow herself to be the care-free character that she is inside.

I have heard that the best way to communicate with a timid dog is to train using clicker training. It is a simple, direct way for the dog to understand what you want and how they can please you.

I'm glad you have joined our forum and enjoy loving your coton!!!!

Mar 12, 2015
Spaghetti NEW
by: Vicky & Monash

She looks like she is Coton or Havenesse & King Charles because of her legs & could account for the thin hair. But please stay w/us on this site's & share pics & funny stories. All r welcome.

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