How often should we bathe 4 mo old?

by Yelena

Please advice how often to bathe Bounty, 4 months old when we feel bad smell? Now and later when he is older. Thx

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Aug 19, 2014
Sherry NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

I like Petcos products I will have to try that next time I need shampoo. I use there white condition spray & Matt spray. I did get some Matt Magic the last time I went down to Ryan's pets & have used it the last 2 times.

Jonah thou seems to a a smell about him the last couple months & I'm wondering if it's from that or just bc when it gets hot & muggy & the rains visit AZ it can make a diff.

It seems to works pretty well & I guess w/ the sprays that have a fragrance they do make them smell better. (-:

I do like Petco the one by my house clearances merchandise all the time for smoking prices. I just got toys for 75¢ really nice ones that I dropped off at a shelter by my house.

I really do feel when it comes to a Coton the best hair care product is making sure u comb out Matt's as found & brushing to keep healthy skin then you do not need alot of stuff to combat mats bc their not over whelming. (-:

thanks for shampoo recommendation.

Aug 19, 2014
bathing a 4 mo old NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

My two get a bath about once a month. Of course this depends on where we take them. Partial leg and foot baths happen more often but in august in Fl. they only go out to do their business and run to get back inside. They are inside girls for now.

At petco last month I found a different shampoo called earthbath, its an oatmeal/aloe shampoo with vanilla and almond. I love the way it keeps cottons hair all fluffy, no need for a conditioner and it was only around $10. Only negative is it does not leave a nice fragrance on them like the coconut one I used to use. It does make them bright white and squeaky clean.

I put some in their tub and then rub their body with some. Massage it in for 5 minutes (they love this) rinse really good and wrap them in a towel. I take them out on the lanai and they can shake off excess water and burn up some energy. then towel dry again and comb them out.

My one is terrified of the dryer so I let them both air dry. Of course the weather would play a factor depending where you live. Mine always run and jump around after their baths like they feel so good.

Be careful when washing ears so you do not get water in them. I used to put a cotton ball in to prevent that.

Your lifestyle and where your baby goes will determine how often but unless they are visibly dirty I would say once a month.

Good luck with your new baby, they are so special.

Aug 17, 2014
bathing your dog NEW
by: Iris

Just a note, if your dog is an indoor dog it needs only to be brushes and combed, there shouldn't be any odor unless he is rolling in the dirt or something stinky outdoors. Their natural oils protect their skin, too much bathing and drying depletes the skin of the beneficial oils and leaves the skin open to infection, itching,allergies and excema.Actually a dog does not need a bath more than twice a year.If his feet get muddy, just was the feet, etc. I think we over do it sometimes.

Aug 16, 2014
Bathe NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

I bathe Jonah every 4-5 wks in our hot part of summer when we're not outside much it can sometimes extend longer. I have found certain grooming product's have a tendency to attract dirt quicker then others which causes more bathing which is not a good thing.

It is trial & error starting out since we all live in diff areas/weather resulting in product & bathing habits.

Their is a good section on this website on grooming & baths. Myself I think the most important on bathing your Coton is Comb out while still wet (I use Mat Magic) which also cuts down on hair drying at end time.

I had lots of combs & accessories from previous pets & when I brought Jonah home I needed a wide mouth comb which I found at a $ store that has served me well 6 yrs.

As long as u take that extra 5-10 min a day brush/comb to control mats while puppy you'll b fine. It does get better once adult hair comes in.

Puppyhood hair will test your patience (-:

Aug 15, 2014
what I have learned. NEW
by: Anonymous

I bathe my coton every 2 to 4 weeks. I wash him in the sink with a sprayer that I attach to the faucet. Before that I setup the sink area with shampoo and conditioner along with towels, I also clear off an area for the blow dryer (always set to cool) and his combs and brushes. I highly recommend ice on ice from Chris Christensen (as do i recommend white on white/spectrum10shampoo/conditioners/silky spirits/and their glorious stainless steel combs...but they are expensive) brushing the dog a few days before you bathe him so detangling won't be so bad. After thouroughly washing him, i put him on the counter and comb/blowdry/fluff his back, then i sit on the chair and hold him so i can comb/blowdry/fluff his legs and tummy then back to the counter for head/face/tail and final touches. It tends to take me about two hours. After bath/blowdry time he feels so much better.

My baby boy is spoiled, but he is used to it now. I have been grooming/bathing/trimming him since we got him at three months old. He is patient and calm and sits there until I am done. He does whimper in the bath a little especially when cleaning his face, but he always gets his favorite treats. is where I order all his grooming needs is the sprayer I use.

Do some research online, there are many helpful websites for other bathing tips. But the best one I could give is take your dog for a walk and let him run around the yard so that we he is sleepy and more docile about the bathing process. Take him out potty just before you put him in the bath/sink.

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