How often does a Coton need grooming and is it expensive?

by Jessie

I fell in love with my friend's Coton de Tulear and have been thinking of getting one. My only concern is if I'll be able to take care of the grooming needs of this kind of dog.

If I keep my dog in a puppy cut, how often will it have to go to the groomer and is it very expensive?


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Feb 08, 2020
I am a groomer! NEW
by: Meghan

I would say pricing would run between 50 to 70 depending on services and hair condition type and what type of cut. of course a show trim or breed standard will be more. Also in the world of grooming puppy trim is not a real term. We get very frustrated when people ask for it because it means something different to everyone. Typically people just want same length all over....find a length that works for you also most groomers will have to go shorter if they are matted. They are a high maintainece breed so regular grooming and brushing is a necessity. They have amazing temperaments and are great pets though :)

Jan 17, 2012
Puppy cut
by: Janice

What does a puppy cut look like?

Apr 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

I also keep my dog Gus's hair in a puppy cut. Sometimes they get him too short on top and he looks like a poodle and I have to remind them not to do that. I do like Gus's legs a little furry.

You won't be sorry if you get a Coton - they are such great little dogs with so much personality and such good companions. Sometimes Gus gets real possessive of me, but he's so cute and fun - I swear he tries to talk to me.

I do try to brush him through the week. We live in Utah and when it snows, which he loves to run in, snow clings to his hair, as well as leaves. So I do bathe him between groomings if necessary. I also pay abut $55.00 monthly - he's worth it.

Good luck judi

Mar 27, 2010
A puppy cut is very easy to manage
by: Gale

Luc has a puppy cut and goes to the groomer every 4 weeks. Where I live in Florida this costs $52. Of course the price will vary depending on your groomer and where you live.

The puppy cut works very well for us since it's extremely low maintenance.

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