how often can we trim coton ?

by praneetha

hi my pup coton is 6 months old

and we live in place where natural climate temperature is bween 28-42 degrees centigrade.
would like to know how often can i give her bath and hair trim.

and would like to know is it harmful if we go for regular body hair trim or suggest me what should be the ideal length of hair to be maintained??

kindly reply

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May 24, 2016
trimming coton NEW
by: sherry candie cotton

I don't think there is any certain length you have to go by in grooming your coton. I love the long hair look of them but that requires a lot of brushing and care. I now keep mine in what they call a puppy cut which is an inch or two long all over their body. I keep the ears longer and they have mustache which is around two inches long. Leave tail long.

Mine go to groomers every 6-7 weeks but sometimes I need to give them a bath in-between. I try and wash their faces daily as they get eye gunk at times or food in their mustaches.

Please watch and not shave them if they are out in the sun, they can get sunburn. Your puppy will be shedding his baby hair soon and that can lead to a lot of matting, even daily brushing does not seem to prevent a little of it. I did have my one shaved down at 9 months because I was traveling and could not keep up with all the brushing. Once the adult hair is in it will become easier for you to groom him.

Hope this gives you a little information, really it is up to you and your preference in look. I used to groom mine and sometimes they did not look so good but their hair does grow out so if you decide to trim him just laugh at your mistakes.

Enjoy your new pup and congrats on getting him. Good Luck!

May 24, 2016
Coton trim NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Their really is no set schedule for trim except when it get harder for u to keep up with combing & brush. As far as baths probably every 4-5wks unless since puppies have a tendency to be attracted to mud & dirt, whenever necessary to clean them up.

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