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Sep 07, 2015
Eating naturally NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

Your poor little puppy. How sad.

One thing CoCo teaches me every day is he wants just one food at a time. Just chicken. Later, just green beans. He doesn't like to combine his meals, or proteins, starches or carbs.

His sense of food combining works for me. I took a course in food combining years ago. I too do better on one food at a time. If I combine foods I get sluggish. If I eat singular I do not get sluggish. I think CoCo has it figured out right.

Regurgitation/reflux is stress on the physiology. I would take that very serious. I passed on Primal Petfood raw for CoCo. I'm a vegetable and herbal gardener. Not even a human can tolerate a mixture of that many herbs and vegetables, combination oils and fruits, in one sitting. By themselves each one may be healthy. Combining all together, for a little tummy? With mixed proteins? His little spleen can't produce that many enzymes required to digest this congestion. No wonder your little puppy is so sick.

The diet I read on the Primal Petfood food label is enough variety over a week, or month, not all in one sitting. No wonder you have added "digestive enzymes". His spleen can't keep up. Digestive enzymes are dangerous substances for little puppy dogs, are not required if you slow the digestive process to one protein, one herb, one oil per sitting.

I passed on the Primal Petfood Beef mix for CoCo because it added salmon oil. Salmon oil goes toxic very fast. The Duck and Lamp both have salmon oil.

In case mommy was wrong, I purchased the $3 "sampler" bag that Primal Petfood offers. CoCo wouldn't eat one piece. I threw out the bag. The food stunk. That was when he was a young puppy several months ago. Salmon oil stinks when its gone toxic. "Canids (dogs) are the only species susceptible to salmon poisoning. That’s why cats, raccoons and bears eat raw fish regularly with out consequence."

CoCo does like a variety of foods for balanced nutrition. We stretch variety over several weeks, rotating often his favorite foods. He prefers eating cooked protein meats alone for his main meals. I feed the vegetables and fruits as "treats" after proteins are digested, throughout the day. He is in no need of digestive enzymes.

I feed FDA approved human foods, natural pasture fed meats (no antibiotics). I don't fool with commercial dog foods. There is no FDA. Meat grades fit for humans is cheaper than utility grade dog foods. Have you researched the "profit margins" of Primal Petfood?

Grow your own garden herbs in pots. It's easy and fun. coCo loves to go with mommy to the "Herb Garden"! Together, this time of year we gather our own seeds. Its "Organic". Its FREE. We grind a few leaves, of one or two herbs combined, add olive oil and sauté lightly over his meat dish! If you want to use salmon oil, store it in the FRIDGE. It has short fridge life too.

When a dog gets sick change his current diet immediately. Our last dog died because my x-husband wouldn't listen in time! He just got stubborn, cut the dog's treats back so he was forced to eat the meal food that weakened his spleen and liver counts. It took about 4 months of a slow death. I so cried.

CoCo is my very own puppy dog. I listen to CoCo's needs, not my x-husband.

CoCo responds very well to chicken. Beef. Ham. Bacon. Eggs. Rice. Butter. Cheese. Even warmed milk. Pasture feed chicken and cows eat grass and dandelions! Research these rich nutrient substances.

CoCo likes to eat small meals, many times a day. His digestion is perfect. So are his stools. I don't use supplements or toxic commercial treats. Fresh garden vegetables or certain fruits for CoCo are his mid day "treats". Of course he loves his cheddar cheese treats!

Don't worry about weight or how much to feed. Dogs in the wild are never over weight. CoCo knows how much to eat, naturally. I let him have food available throughout the day. He has a little tummy and low sugar isn't good. He should be eating as he wishes or needs. Some days he eats like a piggy, other days he just munches. He seems to know best. After all it's his body physiology.

As a child, we had dogs on the farm. There were no commercial dog foods then. We never went to a vet.

Commercial dog foods have brained washed ordinary people from simple wholesome home-made dog meals into expensive utility grade meat by-products, fillers, perservatives and a list of aliments for vets to treat. Come of age, tbey're now listed as "Organic". My own garden is organic. And pasture fed meats, eggs, FDA approved, are easy to find today. Cheaper than dog food.

CoCo is one year old, 10 lbs. His white coat is shinny and healthy. His stools are perfect. He has no pink eye. He has no vet bills.

May 16, 2015
food NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Just 1 more thought. Pick a food. One that fits into your budget for long term. Then stop changing foods. Changing foods upset a dog's digestive system.

If they turn their nose up to it wait it out they will eat when hungry. People have a tendency also to think I'd their dog itches he allergic. Most dogs will itch more certain times of yr bc they pick up dead grass or fathers in their coat. Brush, brush, brush & you will find the culprit that is stuck in the coat.

If your dog's eyes start to run more then normal then your city water might start to contain more iron in it. Actually fluoride is also not good for dogs. If you can keep a dog whos eyes have a tendency to run ie. Poodles, bichons etc give them drinking water from the water store & you will see a chance in the running of the eyes. It may never be perfect as they get older but that's where washing the eyes come in as most breeders do or groomers.

Some ppl like Angel eyes myself the less drugs the better. If you need to use a hydrocortisone spray bc you dogs has gotten bite from things laying out in the grass like ants use dog spray or dog First aid cremes bc % of medicine changes from humans to dogs.

Purchase from places like where things r cheaper. Dog cremes contain no alcohol to sting & once you get your dog First aid bag done it last for yrs.

May 16, 2015
Dogs NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Get yourself the book Dog Owners Veterinary Handbook
4th edition by Debra Eldredge, Like a Carlson, Delbert Carlson, James MGriffin on Amazon or book store $20. This will help w/peace if mind.

It is normal 4 dogs to have mucas on poop. Sometimes it's caused by eating a rawhide bone, sometimes it just happens. You worry when it is runny 2-3 days in a row. Usually caused by something given to rich for their system. Jonah gets 1 cup of food a day, 1/2 in morn, 1/2 @ night. If he doesn't eat in morn he only gets 1/2 @ night. Sometimes he won't eat a couple morn in a row. No big deal. A dog will not let themselves starve. 1 thing to make sure of does he need to poop b4 breakfast. They will sometimes not go by themselves w/o putting the leash on & walking in back yard bc their to lazy to go off the porch. LOL all dogs. But if they have to poop which most do in morn. They Will not eat unless they do.

If you add a teas. Of something to food bc we tend to spoil it should be boiled chicken, tuna in water, cottage cheese they do not do well w/alot if spices. You can find spices that r ok on web but less is better.

Also once your dog eats he should not walk, run, jump etc for at least 1 hr. since it will cause regurgitation of food. Basically if possible they should get their morn. Walk b4 breakfast.

Even though I grew up w/dogs when I left home & got a dog I drove myself crazy on is my dog ok. Is his poop ok. I read & Article & worried my dog had it. My home vet book is almost 30 yrs old & well read. The 1 above is the same as mine but updated. Believe me for $20. It will be the best investment you will make starting out for peace of mind.

May 16, 2015
Regurgitation NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you for all your input.

The vet doesn't seem to be of much help at all except to prescribe Pepcid which helps some...but doesn't help with the regurgitation. He's had a normal fluoroscopy (no megaesophagus) and had a cardiology appoint for another reason which turned out to be nothing. They said he could have a sliding hiatal hernia but that is rare. The other thing is that since March he sometimes has mucus in his stool (like a coating...sorry TMI). It will cover normal looking stool. I asked the vet if that indicated inflammation and she blew it off. Did a stool smear test twice and said everything is normal. I feel like Vets know nothing about nutrition and just want to throw him on Science Diet which the vet even suggested he wouldn't take to.

I will begin to start to investigate his diet. Before Primal Pet Food he was on Merrick Duck & Sweet Potato and just didn't each much of it at all. Rejected his food over and over again. Over three months we tried two other formulas (slowly). Didn't seem to like kibble. On kibble he would retch or vomit twice a week. With Primal it's more regurgitation here and there...but a couple of times a day. Some weeks he is off his food. Other weeks not. I don't exhibit any anxiety with him at all about his food. I just want some answers to figure out why this is happening.

When we made the slow switch to Primal he took to it right away and his stool went from softly formed to normal. So I thought all was good for a few months. Then in March the stool started to have some mucus on it. Some weeks worse than others. No change to diet.
He's on high quality probiotics and digestive enzymes. I mix in a bit of pumpkin each day. I break up a treat a day into a few piece. He doesn't overdo it.

So Perhaps the change will be in diet. The key is finding something that he will take to and help him grow and be nutritious.

I appreciate everyone's feedback.


May 16, 2015
food & exercise NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Unless ur Coton walks on a regular basis he shouldn't go for a mile walk. You start on a program Just as u would for your self a little at a time & build up. They have little legs. A mile at one time might never be ok for ur Coton. Ck w/ur vet so u don't hurt their growing bones.

Whatever food you pick follow pkg recommendations. Also its not food plus treats if your training use their food to treat. Which means measure out food for day then use that measurement to use if treats.

If u use a little turkey lunchmeat or other treats subtract a little food from daily amount.

If they r very active ex. agility they do not get more food they get a different food that gives them the nutritious value they need for activity level.

You Coton will cont to grow up untill 3 yrs. Not necessarily taller but they will fill out & build muscle strength. I'm not saying you never give them cookies but break in half & use as 2 treats etc. ppl don't realize how fattening dog cookies r, that's y they like them so much.

Remember 1# on a dog is like 10#'s on a person. If your pup is 10 months & 13#'s it will gain a little more as an adult it is still growing. Get input from your vet they r glad to help 1st time dog owners.

May 16, 2015
Food NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

Usually its best to read instructions on food and kind of start there. If your dog is acting hungry increase a little or cut back if they tend to gain weight. cotons are usually very picky eaters and if you find something they like stick to it.

I have bought and thrown out most of the better brands. Mine do not like dry dog food. They eat fresh select grain free, it needs refrigerated and comes in a roll. Most grocery stores carry it in the dog isle now. My one has anal gland problems at times so I feed her raw basic instinct one or two times a week, boil chicken for them once a week. They love fresh tiny carrots, green beans and blueberries, healthy eating for them and they think it is a treat.

They like variety and we gave in and gave human food, bad idea so now we have beggars.

Good luck with your new baby and at 13lbs sounds like you are doing fine. Mine weigh 10.6 at 4 yrs and 14 lbs at 6 yrs.

May 14, 2015
food NEW
by: Judy

We were told by breeder to use Natural Receipe lamb and rice. It has no artificial colors, additives. Thereby no tear stains and upset stomach. Used to feed him 3 times daily. He is 14 months and we leave a cup of food out and he eats what he wants. Usually not the cup. No trouble here

May 14, 2015
how much to feed NEW
by: Iris

I am curious. Was your dog diagnosed by a Veterinarian for the regurgitation issue? My Coton threw up when he had food or treats that disagreed with him maybe to rich or fatty, and also if he had eaten too fast and not chewed the food the chunks would stick in his "craw", and if he's eating and had not yet had a bowel movement.sounds strange but it appears there's just so much room in their little tummy he will either refuse food or eat and throw up.
Maybe try to limit the variety of flavors feeding one at a time to see what he digests well and others not so well, for instance,only chicken,if your dog is like my Coton his stomach and taste are sensitive.
My dog is on a prescription food now because of urinary stones. He began gaining weight from this new food. The Vet said to cut the portions smaller to reduce the extra weight.
Check with your Vet about portion control and food choices for your dog.
Best wishes.

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