How can I get my Coton de Tulear to behave at a dog park?

by Karen

Hi, I've got a 10 month old male Coton de Tulear who is perfect in every way EXCEPT when I take him to the neighborhood dog park. The park I take him to all the dogs are off leash.

He loves the park and gets along with all the dogs. The only problem is that he almost never comes when I call him so when it's time to go home, I end up chasing him all over the park to get the leash on him so I can take him home.

This is so embarrassing. He's pretty good at obeying the come command at home, but that all goes out the window at the park.

I'd love some suggestions. Thanks - I love this site!

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Jul 14, 2010
A trick that works - thourh training him is probably better
by: Autumn

I have the SAME problem with our Coton Miko. We live in a gated community and sometimes he gets loose by running out the door when he isn't supposed to. The other day he was running around outside and I couldn't get him to come back in the house (I chased him all around the neighborhood). I could tell he was having a blast - almost laughing at me. Of course my husband wasn't home to help and I just had foot surgery so I had to run around chasing him on my knee walker :)

Finally - I tried a new trick. I said "see ya later Miko" and started walking back home. Amazingly he followed me right back into the house. Super-easy.

We've also used this trick at the dog park and it works wonders too. If he does not let us catch him we pretend like we are going to leave him there. As we walk out of the gate and towards the car he gets up close to the gate and begs us to take him :)

May 01, 2010
thanks for this advice for "come" command
by: Iris Miller

Thanks Gale! Tuffy also is selective about his response to come when the dog is having fun. and actually for almost all commands, he looks first to see if there is a treat he is performing for.

May 01, 2010
Teaching a dog to come
by: Gale

Hi Karen, here's what worked for me and Luc....

As a puppy, Luc was also selective about when he would come when called. I had to change tactics and put him on a success oriented training routine. I kept treats in my pocket at all time and would ask him to come at various times throughout the day and then reward him with a treat or play or praise.

EVERY time I asked him to come to me he would receive a positive reward. The reason dogs (especially smart dogs like the Coton) don't always respond to the Come command is they learn that sometimes when they obey there's something unpleasant waiting for them (like ending play at the dog park).

So, practice positive reinforcement training so he ALWAYS wants to come. Then the next time you're at the park, ask him to come, give him a treat when he does, and then let him go back to playing. That way he won't always associate Come with ending his playtime.

Hope that helps. Send in a photo when you have a chance.

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