Pros and Cons of Homeopathy for Pets:
Is it right for you?

Choosing homeopathy for pets is a personal choice. More and more people are pursuing alternative holistic solutions for their dogs, seeking a more natural, safer approach to health.

homeoppathy for pets

My story

My dog Luc as been suffering with skin allergies since he was 2 years old. Over the years we’ve tried just about everything. You can read Luc’s story here.

I have never been comfortable with all the drugs he's been given to treat his allergy symptoms. But my vets (there have been several) have all assured me that the drugs were safe and that Luc’s quality of life would diminish without them.

At first, these drugs seemed like a good solution. Luc’s symptoms were managed. He would have periodic flare-ups and then we’d adjust his medications.

homeoppathy for pets

But what happens when the solution starts to become worse than the cure?

Recently, his medications have caused additional symptoms such as digestive issues, lethargy, and joint pain. When I went to our conventional vet, he of course suggested more medications to treat the new symptoms.

That's when I had enough.

It was devastating to watch Luc grow progressively worse and lose his vibrancy. I could not just throw another drug at him, despite my vet’s assurances that they were safe.

I live in a small town and I don’t have many options as far as holistic or homeopathic veterinarians. But I finally found one about 1 ½ hours away. After a lengthy meeting with him, I decided that I owed it to Luc to find the underlying cause of his allergies and get him back to good health.

I’m sharing this not to tell you that this is THE right thing to do with your dog. I’m sharing in case any of this resonates with you and so that you know you have other options besides conventional medicine and drugs.

Homeopathy for pets is not for everyone. But first of all, what is it? What the heck is homeopathy?

homeopathy definition

Homeopathy Definition

According to the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, the goal of homeopathic veterinarians is not merely to treat disease, but to cure it.

Homeopathy was discovered by Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago and is basically a system that looks at the patient as a whole instead of just his symptoms. The basic theory is that like cures like, and medicines could be given in small, safe doses to treat the patient directly instead of treating only the disease.

Conventional veterinary medicine always focuses on the disease and symptoms instead of on the whole of the animal which includes diet and nutrition, environment, mind body connection, and genetics. The basic principle, according to Richard Pitcairn (The Complete Guide to Natural Health For Dogs and Cats), is that the medicine used will cause similar symptoms to what the patient has, and when given small doses, it will trigger a reaction that allows the body to heal itself. This is called the "law of similars" (or like cures like).

Why is this important?

Often, in conventional medicine, the cure for a disease or symptom may produce side effects. Some of these side effects can be even worse than the original ailment. So we add another drug to treat the new symptom. Then this new drug creates even more symptoms. The patient is being treated as if body parts were totally separate from the whole.

This is the pattern I saw in Luc that ultimately drove me to seek alternative care.

But is homeopathy right for you and your dog? Let's look at some of the pros and cons.

homeoppathy for pets

Pros and Cons of Homeopathy for Pets

These pros and cons are from my experience; yours may be different. The best solution is when you can have a homeopathic vet and a conventional vet work together to ensure the best care for your dog. Both of my vets will claim that their “way” is best, but thankfully, they will also work together when necessary for Luc’s overall best interests.

Homeopathy for pets - PROS:

  • The treatment is always natural and non-toxic - you will have peace of mind that no homeopathic remedy will hurt your dog or produce harmful side effects common with mainstream drugs.
  • You will get to the underlying cause of the health issue instead of just suppressing the symptoms.
  • Homeopathic remedies treat the body as a whole to ensure total overall health.
  • You can easily find many of the remedies at a local health store or online. A homeopathic veterinarian can help you find the herbs and supplements as well.
  • In the long term, you can save money since you will eliminate chronic illnesses which accrue huge vet and drug bills. Many of the supplements are cheaper than pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Your dog's overall health will improve and years can be added to his life.

Homeopathy for pets - CONS:

  • Homeopathy for pets sometimes means less convenient treatments. For instance, you may have a large number of supplements that have to be administered in specific ways. Or you may have to make homemade food instead of just opening a bag of kibble.
  • Treating chronic conditions can take longer to heal. If you're looking for a "quick fix", the homeopathic approach is not for you.
  • Things may get worse before they get better. As the body gets healthier, there can be brief flare-ups of old symptoms. This isn't a con, but it can be frustrating for some people when symptoms reappear.
  • It can be difficult to find a qualified homeopathic practitioner depending on where you live.
  • In the short term, it can be expensive to purchase the herbs and supplements required. (but you will save money in the long term).
  • Homeopathy is not a solution for every medical condition. For instance, it's not an option for traumas such as broken bones.

homeoppathy for pets

Is homeopathy right for you?

If you have asked yourself any of the below questions, you might want to learn more about homeopathic for pets.

  • Does your dog suffer from chronic conditions that are not improving with conventional intervention such as allergies, diabetes, asthma, urinary tract infections, and severe behavioral problems?
  • Are you worried that your dog’s medications are causing unwanted or dangerous side effects?
  • Is your dog taking medication to manage symptoms brought on by other drugs?
  • Are you anxious about the safety of taking drugs long term?
  • Are you troubled about the chemicals and toxins in many treatments for fleas & ticks and heart worm prevention?
  • Are you bothered about the inferior quality of commercial dog foods?
  • Are you alarmed about the effects of vaccinations on your dog?

homeoppathy for pets

Other considerations to determine if homeopathy is right for you:

  • Your lifestyle is a big factor.  Are you super busy? Is the thought of managing a dozen or more supplements and herbs overwhelming? Are you too busy to even think about making homemade food for your dog? These are legitimate concerns. Are there ways you can incorporate these remedies without adding stress to your busy life? What if you enlisted the help from family or friends? What if you transitioned into homeopathy gradually so it isn't so overwhelming?
  • Do you have access to a reputable homeopathic veterinarian? Finding advice online or in a book is okay if you just want to treat minor things such as flea and tick treatments or anxiety. But what if you want to heal your dog for more severe issues such as chronic allergies or diabetes? Working with the right doctor who will help you find the underlying cause of your dog's symptoms is critical.
  • Will your homeopathic vet and conventional vet work together for your dog's best interest? There are times when conventional medicine is necessary, such as trauma (broken bones) or running tests. Don't get caught in the middle between your vets' difference in ideology. While they have core differences in beliefs, they should both be 100% committed to you and your dog.
  • Do you value a more natural, organic view of health? If you buy organic food and chemical-free products for your family, why wouldn't you include your dog?
  • You do value a holistic approach to your dog's health, but aren't ready to dive into homeopathic care 100%?  No worries; you can start gradually. You can start with homemade foods or purchasing chemical-free pet products.

So, how is Luc doing?  It's still too early to assess how well his skin allergies are doing - that takes time. But I am thrilled to have my sweet boy back to his mischievous and adorable ways. He's no longer lethargic, his appetite is back, and he's able to stand on his hind legs again. I only wish I had turned to this natural healing approach sooner.

Homeopathy for pets - Resources

Here are some excellent resources for learning more about homeopathy for pets.

homeoppathy for pets

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. This is the quintessential reference for natural healing solutions for the pets we love. This book was recommended by my own homeopathic vet. You can find safe and effective remedies for just about everything including anxiety, flea & tick prevention, allergies, diabetes, asthma, and much more.

Dogs Naturally Magazine - There's a wealth of information provided by holistic vets and nutritionists on topics such as food and diet, vaccines, allergies, supplements, and natural healing remedies for a variety of health concerns. I highly recommend this magazine.

Holistic Vet Finder - Ready for a more natural approach to your dog's health? You may be able to find a practitioner in your location at this site.

Natural Flea & Tick Remedies - Learn about chemical-free prevention and treatments

Safe Solutions for Anxiety-Discover what our visitors use to safely help their dogs who suffer from anxiety.


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