Help required, I'm taking care of a Cotonese!

Friend on holidays 4 weeks. Taking care of "Bobby" 1.5 yr (7 lbs) Maltese/Coton. My dog Coton De Tulear 2.5 yrs (10 lbs). Neither neutered. Bobby is smart, loving & happy but barks excessively, growling, snarling, screeching, non-stop to every passer-by.

We live on a corner lot. He barks at every dog, cat, person, male, female, raccoon, skunk, car, SUV, delivery truck, taxi, postman, garbage truck. He thinks his barking chases them away. Then Bobby bullies my dog. By day 3 he bit my cleaning lady, ate a house plant leaf, vomited 8 places. He's not leash trained, chokes himself, grasping for air, with a collar leash. He refuses a fabric belly harness. It's difficult to take him for a walk. If I let him loose in the yard, to pee, he finds a way thru shrubs, or crawls under my car, to street run.

I'm exhausted. Day 5 he bit the Kinesiologist. Day 6 I took him to his Daddy's store where the manager knows him well. He bit the store manager.

Bobby growled at the Vet. The Vet attached an "Adaptil" collar, a 24/7 calming stress collar. Vet found fleas. Vet applied a neck Gel. Vet ordered my dog in from the car, no fleas, not one. Vet applied flea Gel to my dog too: "Fleas are now around". Cost $. My dog was flea free. I just beautifully groomed January 11th. He had no fleas then, either. I washed all the blankets. 3 loads of laundry that I just washed the week prior. Bobby's new stress collar shortened his barking spells; less running spells, as to each passerby. He naps more. But he still barks loudly. Now "The Growling" started against us here in our home. Bobby growls at my 95 yr old mom while she awakens. She's afraid to get up to go toilet. Bobby growls at my dog as he eats his own food or plays with his own toys or when my dog comes near me. Bobby sometimes growls at me when I pet him lovingly or when he's cuddled next to me, napping.

Day 8 Bobby growled as he was snoozing beside me. I reached for a small bottle from my coffee table. Bobby lashed out, snarled aggressively, attacked my hand, BIT f'g hard. Shocking. That's 4 people Bobby has bit in 10 days. No one will help sit with him, even for an hour, to give me a break. My dog is not permitted near me. Bobby growls. I'm wiping up Bobby's pee every one hour from the front door area. I take him out for pees and he still pees indoors, too. He refuses to use the pee-pee pad near the door.

Day 10 his poop is caught in his bum hair. He slides his bum over my carpets, down the long hallway, poop now smeared over his entire bum. I'm ready for a break down. He smeared his poop late Saturday afternoon. He won't let me help him. He growls. His Daddy self-grooms him. He has no professional groomer. I have no medical papers on Bobby so a groomer shop won't help. I call a mobile service. They come in two hours to help Bobby. It's a nice husband/wife team. Bobby barks loudly, aggressively, growling crazyily, snarls and plunges both of them upon arrival. I calm Bobby. The groomers sit outside on the deck. One comes in. We go slow, encouraging Bobby we are here to help. Bobby goes ballistic. The good news is that with strangers in the house Bobby comes to me for protection. I'm able to get the leash on him, so the groomers can actually enter the house. The groomers are professional show dog owners/groomers 30 years. Both groomers are terrified. They report they have never witnessed such aggression. The lady and I tamed Bobby enough, into the shower-bath area to be washed. The leash helped. We got the poop off. He growled on the groomers table. I held him gently, calming him, but he refused to let us brush him, touch him or even hand dry him. He just growled aggressively at us both. We spent 2.5 hours on calming Bobby, gently. I can't do a thing more. Either can the groomer. Now Bobby is going to get matted. That's worrying me.

Day 11 the cleaning lady returns. Bobby goes ballistic. I drive Bobby around in my car for 3 hours just so the cleaning lady doesn't get attacked. Bobby does like car rides. He's a perfect boy in the car. It soothes him. We stop at Daddy's store so he gets to sniff Daddy smells. He comes home happy.

I understand Bobby misses his Daddy, his home, his toys, his own blanket. I get that. But it breaks my heart not to be able to pet or hug this poor grieving baby boy and I'm stressed with his growls. I don't know when he's going to bite. He's beside me now, cuddled. But if I speak a word while he naps, he growls. I'm afraid to move my hands when he's near. I'm fearful of his next bite attack. I've got 18 days more to go. His Daddy is out of the country, in another continent.

Questions: What do his growls mean? How can I help? How will he Stop? The Vet assured me Bobby wouldn't bite the person that feeds him. The Vet was wrong. I checked to insure the stress collar was not too tight. Bobby won't let me near his neck to undo his leash to brush his hair. He's permitted a belly rub only once in 12 days. I'm lost as what to do about matting. He cuddles me. He follows me where ever I go. He jumps his cute paws on my knees. He permits me to pet him. He snuggles. Then he growls when I least expect it. How do I get some free time from worrying of his random attacks? Sleep from his incessant barking? I can't get my business work or phone calls done from his barking spells. I'm stressed when he growls. Where can I take him for a few hours to get a break? I have no papers so no dog place, or rooming place, will help. I have no contact name for a 2nd alternative. I asked prior and there was no one. I've asked 9 friends, who have dogs, if they could help, just for an hour sitting break. Each refused. The dog groomers refuse to help further. The store manager refuses to take him even for an hour; she's afraid and stressed herself. Why is Bobby acting like this? He's so sweet, so happy when I praise him, when we go for car rides, when we sniff in the yard. Then he suddenly growls at me. After his attack on me I'm leery of him lashing out. I can't safely pick him up. I do lift him in the car but its a stressing guess if he'll attack. It's a stressing game to get his leash on. If he's happy he's ok. When he's moody he growls. He pees excessively (once an hour) and drinks loads of water (a big bowl every few hours). I reported that to the Vet originally. Could Bobby be diabetic? He eats very well (loads). His poop is perfect. He's happy, playful, loving and then suddenly turns aggressive. He growls upon awakening.

He's taken over this household, the neighbourhood corner and refuses to let visitors in the door. Any ideas to help this go better for both me and Bobby?? Much appreciative. What do I do about his hair from matting?? My dog is calm, eats/pees/poops much less than Bobby. No fleas. My dog is on home cooked fresh meals. Bobby is on dry Ceaser nibs. Aggressive episodes & Fleas. When my dog ate IAMS dry he got aggressive attacks and fleas came. We only home cook now. Could the dry dog food be Bobby's issue??

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Jan 24, 2017
cotonese NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

Wow Wow Wow I feel your stress. I would find a crate/cage to put him in. Place it in quiet area in corner where he could look around but not outside a door or window. Give special treat or toy and I would change his food, Ceasar is not good food anyway and not sure if that would cause any problem in aggression but worth a shot.

Peeing every hour unless its his nerves is sure not normal, they say they will not pee when in crate so that might help you determine if he can help it or if its bad kidneys. I do feel sorry for little guy being left and probably frightened but he is making your life and your dogs too stressful.

I would invest in a muzzle and let owner pay you when he returns. Has he been in contact with you and does he have any answers?

When doggy care or others will not help out it sounds bad. If it was me I would muzzle him, give him good walk twice a day and keep him in crate or confined to small room where he would be safe and not destructive--maybe laundry room.

I adopted a puppy mill female 4 years ago that was terrified of everyone and I found not looking directly at her and whispering when talking to her finally calmed her down enough I could touch her, toss treats his way or cut up weiner-chicken pieces or raw carrots. Strange he will put feet on you and then growl and bite.

You do have problem and wish you luck in finding something that will work. Feel bad for him and you and your little doggie.

Please let us know how things are going and GOOD LUCK!

Jan 23, 2017
Stressed out dog NEW
by: Iris

So sorry for you and the dogs .
I did not see anywhere that he is getting daily exercise or play?im surprised the Vet did not suggest a muzzle not for all the time but so you can handle the dog when its necessary without getting bitten. It sounds like he's definitely picking up your energy with the fear and anxiety, Not a happy dog.
Don't you have a crate and a blanket to keep him in? He might feel more secure if he had his own "cave" to go in.
As for the dog peeing every hour, wasn't the vet concerned when you mentioned it? If the dog seems to be straining he may have bladder issues or bladder stones like my dog has. It's very serious and painful.
If it were me, I would hire a dog trainer and dog walker and give the dog daddy the bill when he gets back.
I wish you luck and patience, try to keep the dog isolated to a room where he can be calm and quiet and not exposed to so many people and distractions, he sounds really fearful.. And please give him a treat when he is calm( like some chopped up cooked chicken breast) .i hopebthings get better for you . Let us know. Blessings and love🐶

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