Having a terrible time keeping the matts out of my Coton? Any suggestions.

by sharon

After a bath or at the groomers the matting is much worse. I try to brush every 2nd day. Does anyone know of a real good dematting conditioner I can get in Canada?...

What is the best brush to use on these nasty tangles.

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Jul 25, 2015
matted hair NEW
by: Iris

Coton in French: cotton. That's a good description of our dog breed. They actually grow cotton q tips. The more I comb and brush the after the hair mats up. They are beautiful with their long hair but the matting is very difficult to keep up with.
I've finally decide to keep Tuffy in a puppy cut with the tail and ears left long. I choose not to use any chemical or oil applications on him, his skin is very sensitive and those conditioners I've tried didn't work with my dog.he was still getting matted and it hurts him, it tangles right to the skin.thats why groomers have to shave them. I don't want to have him shaved any more so it's puppy cut from now on. The haircut lasts about two months and I can easily maintain home grooming.

Jul 24, 2015
Helping Tips NEW
by: Claudia

Last november I had such a horrible rush of mats on my Shaggy´s hair nothing helped but shave her, after that, I started to use a pin brush and it works so perfect to keep hair in healthy condition.

Suddenly a mat appears here and there but I work it with my fingers and after that just the pin brush..

Good luck

Jul 22, 2015
matts NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Here on this site is a very good grooming newsletter that you can access. Other then that after bath comb out your Coton, easiest is a wide comb using the entangled you decide to choose. Then once combed out wet a nice soft brush to blow dry low, warm or cold not hot. Then in between baths use a pin brush you select plus ur comb to keep up on mats.

If ur Coton is a puppy, well puppy hair mats daily & u will feel frustrated that nothing u do works. Just know we all went through that & have patience & kindness & u can use their food as treats & treat, treat, treat.

If u get frustrated stop & come back tomorrow. If the mat is real bad cut vertically out w/blunt end scissors & comb or brush loose hair out. If u get an area where to much hair came out in the comb just know within a couple days you'll never notice your mistake b/c their hair grows fast.

In adulthood hair the trick is to treat give them breaks & keep it fun. By doing this you train them to like their grooming sessions & honestly it gets better. By being gentle & not making it gruesome on them & you they grow up just laying still & r very good.

Just know as you r learning don't be afraid to try diff. Products the grooming sessions will never be perfect b/c they seem to mat faster then u can comb.

Cowboy magic is one product mentioned that works well but buy a tube not a bottle b/c a dime size will do you or a little more & lasts a long time (couple yrs.). Also invest in a spray detangler.

Just remember if you have to pull on their hair to get the mat out cut vertically & comb loose out. Keep puppy coat short it's easier to comb. They will blow the puppy coat so right now is good practice to keep it fun so your life is easier later.

Also web has some good videos for hair that grows between pads that needs trimmed so they don't slip on floors. A must it grows fast.

Sorry so long.

Jul 22, 2015
Question for Reenie NEW
by: Anonymous

I have not used essential oils before. How do you mix and apply them. How many tablespoons do you go through in a single application. Do you mix in the flea repellents every time? Do you use other medications for heart worm? Ticks. Is your Coton in full coat or puppy cut?

Jul 22, 2015
Hair wonders! NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

We use jojoba oil. It's found at any health store that sells aromatherapy products. It 's 100% natural and very nourishing for human hair and Coton hair. It may go on oily but it becomes an oiliness conditioner within a few minutes.

After rubbing it into the skin and applying extra at matt spots, We then Fluff it up with our finger tips and call it " Dip-pity Do". It's hair styling! We add 5 drops sweet orange essential oil and one drop lavender (per table spoon application) for flea protection!

You'll love Jojoba so much you'll want to use it on your own hair! Google.

Jul 22, 2015
Quicker slicker NEW
by: Leslie and Jasper

We really like quicker Slicker that can be purchased through Amazon. It is fabulous. I puppy cut is very forgiving but if you use quicker slicker a couple times a week or before baths you will like it.
I cannot remember the name of the brush we gave but it is wooden and rectangle and great. We also have a comb.
Good luck!

Jul 21, 2015
Matting solution NEW
by: Wendy & Leila

One product we found that helped with tangles/mats is Cowboy Magic. Can be purchased online. Best way, though, is to keep our Leila's hair cut in a puppy cut. Good luck!

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