Great Dog With A Terrible Habit

by HeidiH

I have a two year old Coton named Haji. I have had him for five months. He is very adorable and very smart. He was not house trained nor leash trained when I adopted him, but he learned both quickly. He is a great dog. ....except....

He eats my clothes! I am not the type of person who leaves my clothes on the floor or laying about. My clothes are always in the basket or put away. And I keep the door closed so Haji does not have access to my room. However, occasionally he finds a way to sneak in. I have never been able to catch him doing it.

He rarely chews on anything other than clothes. I tried letting him keep a sweater he destroyed, though I don't want to encourage the habit or have him get sick trying to eat cloth. It seemed to work, but it didn't.

Haji gets plenty of attention, affection, and exercise. He doesn't spend too much time alone. He has toys. Has anyone else had this problem? How can I break him of this horrible expensive habit?

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Oct 21, 2015
Eating inappropriate things NEW
by: Gale

Is your dog on any medication? When my dog Luc's allergies used to be very severe, he was put on steroids. Every single time he would start eating my clothes (always my favorites), towels, even the throw rugs.

Also, your dog Is at the chewing age. Luc went thru that stage - he ate clothes, eye glasses, books, and shoes. Thankfully he grew out of that stage. You just have to keep tempting items out of their sight and keep plenty of chew toys available. Kings are pretty sturdy. And on those occasions when they outsmart you, just hope they don't get your favorites or most expensive items.

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