Fussy about her food

by Neerja Bhatt
(Herrliberg, Switzerland)

Our Coton ‘Sugar’ is 9 months old. She is fussy about her food.
Has anyone the same problem ?

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Jul 15, 2023
Coton recommended dog food and treats NEW
by: Anonymous

My Coton Dakota eats Fromm's dry Hasen Duckenpfeffer or Heartland Gold and their wet food in combination. The breeder recommended it, and Acana food. I stick with the pate's not the stews as they are messier. I also give him distilled water as I read that the tear stains may be alleviated by doing this. Overall his tear stains are quite minor, usually it is just dry black small chunks which are easily picked off with your fingers. He is also fussy about treats and also fussy if I don't put enough wet food on the dry food. I tried Greenies Dental Treats, he didn't like them...I tried Tricky Trainers salmon treats, he didn't like...and I tried Zuke's peanut butter and oatmeal and he didn't like that either. The only thing he likes for treats so far is the Freeze dried beef liver from Pet Value. There was also a jerky style duck treat I got from the food store a couple of times that he liked too. The breeder also said to stay away from chicken products so I do.
I also feed him sockeye salmon from the tin once in a while but he seems to only be interested if I put a lot of salmon in with the dry food...so probably need to put 1/2 the tin in for each meal.

LC Ottawa Ontario

Feb 27, 2022
6 year old
by: Andie

Mine is so picky too! I give her Hills Science dry dental health. She does not like it. My vet recommended it. She really likes the freeze dried shocker or liver treats. I’m trying to figure out what to give her?!

Jul 21, 2021
Food NEW
by: Linda

I have a 12-yr old Coton who would NOT eat any commercial dog food when I first got her. After spending thousands on different foods - she has skin allergies - I did what sharon did: boiled organic chicken breasts in bulk at the beginning of every week. I keep 2 chicken breasts out of the fresh batch & freeze each breast individually. She eats organic veggies, mostly broccoli. I add in a little Fresh Pet sliced chicken with cranberries. Additionally, I spread a little probiotic powder over her morning meal. She eats 2X a day: 7:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon. Before bed, I feed her a few pieces of chicken breast so that acid will not form in her tummy overnight. I will put Whole Foods brand small dog kibble in a dog puzzle when she's hungry early afternoon - she lets me know when she wants food in her puzzle. Her treat is made by Fresh Pet - turkey bacon. After this regimen, she has maintained weight and her bloodwork is always "fabulous."

Jul 12, 2021
Picky eater solution NEW
by: Gale

My new puppy, Lucy wouldn’t eat her food out of a bowl. I put the same food in an interactive toy and she LOVES it. She loves working for her food and I love that she’s eating and I get 10 minutes where she’s busy and out of trouble:)

This is the one I use, but Kong has the similar Wobbler. https://amzn.to/3yRlxQ6

Best invention ever!

Jul 11, 2021
Picky Coton puppy NEW
by: Ciel is silly

Hi, We got our puppy 5 weeks ago (Ciel) and she is so much fun, but she is definitely PICKY. She came with Fromm dry puppy food (from breeder) which she would not eat! At first we thought she was just nervous in a new home (8 weeks old and all) but she seemed super happy otherwise. After 4 days of almost NO eating, we fed her some of our other dogs adult food (canned - because she is on a diet and it works amazingly well to just feed wet food fir weight loss!). Ciel wolfed it down (pun intended). We then tried 3 types of canned puppy food and the only one she seems to like is Southwest Canyon Taste of the Wild.

Jul 10, 2021
Finicky Winnie
by: Gigi

Yep, I call her "Winnicky." I have found with the addition of food toppers Winnie will eat once she gets hungry enough (check ur local pet or feed store.)

She had a vet follow up yesterday (and a boatload of annual immunizations,) and is at the perfect weight. While it would certainly make me happy if she would just eat all her food twice a day, she’s not gonna starve. I free feed her—as she does not overindulge. Lots of schools of thought on that. Check with your vet. Some advise putting food down for 20 minutes and then remove it. If they don’t eat, pretty soon they’ll learn they have limited access. I don’t do this because I only have Winnie so there’s no competition for food and she seems to be kind of a grazer. I’d refrain from giving table food and too many snacks and treats (I might be guilty of this…)
Good luck. Your baby is precious!

Jul 10, 2021
Picky Eater NEW
by: Sharon and Jasmine

My Jasmine is now eight years old. I have spoiled her. We have gone through every dog food and she won’t eat it. So, I boil chicken breasts in small pieces and freeze. I make a batch per week. I also add Fresh Pet small dog food to it. She will eat it. She always wants my food but does not get it. Maybe a little steak once in awhile. I also give her fruit and vegetables. She will usually eat, if I am eating them. She is very picky. Good luck!

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