Perfect French dog names for breeds like the Coton de Tulear

French dog names are perfect for the Coton de Tulear since Coton is actually French for cotton (named for the cottony texture of their coat). Luc's name has the french spelling because of this - I think it suits him well.

See our favorites below or you can check out more unique dog names that other visitors have suggested.

Favorite French Dog Names for Girls

Name Meaning
Adelaide Nobility
Ami Friend
Amy Dearly loved, beloved
Belle Fair, lovely one
Berdine One who is radiant
Bernadette Female version of Bernard
Blanche French form of blanc (white)
Brie Soft cheese
Brigitte The high one (Brigitte Bardot)
Camille Spotless virgin
Celeste heavenly
Chanel French designer, a channel
Charlotte Tiny and feminine
Cherie A sweetheart
Clariece Famous
Colette Victorious
Cosette Victorious
Desiree An object of desire
Dominique Person of God
Eiffel French tower
Elan Spirited and confident
Estelle A shining star
Fay Fairy, trust, belief
Fifi Addition to the family
Fleur Flower
Jeannette God is gracious
Jolie Beautiful
Josephine Wife of Napoleon Bonaparte
Joyce Joy
Macy Derived from male name Matthew
Leona Resembles a lioness
Mademoiselle Unmarried girl
Marcelle Warning
Margot A pearl
Marne River in France
Michelle Gift from God
Odelia Little and prosperous
Paris French capital
Renee Reborn
Rosette A rose
Silvie From the forest
Sorel Reddish brown hair
Tempest Stormy

Favorite French Dog Names for Boys

Name Meaning
Aubrey Fair leader
Bailey Bailiff, steward, man in charge
Beau Very handsome man
Beaufort Beautiful fortress
Bellamy Handome
Bijou Jewel, small trinket
Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte
Blaze Lisp, stutter
Bordeaux Region in France
Byron From the country or cottage
Devin Devine, perfect
Esme Esteemed, loved
Elroy The King
Garner Keeper of the grain
Gaylord High spirited
Guy Guide
Jacques Supplanter, French form of Jaco
Jean French variant of John
Jules Youthful
Julian Youthful
Lafayette A French military leader
Leon Resembles a lion
Leroy The king
Lionel A lion cub
Louis Great warrior
Luc Light, illumination
Lyle From the island
Marcel Hammer
Mason One who works with stones
Monet Impressionist painter
Noel Christmas
Olivier From the olive tree
Page Attendant
Percy Pierces
Peugeot French car
Pierre Rock
Raoul Wolf counsel
Russel Red
Saber A sword
Sage Wise one
Sargent Law enforcement agent
Wiatt A guide
Yves An archer

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