Flying a 5 month old Coton de Tulear

by Kue

In May, I will be flying back to Wisconsin and I will be bringing my 4 month old Coton, Koda, with me (he will be 5 months by then). He is currently 7-8 lbs. and definitely meets the weight requirement for flying in the cabin. The problem is, he might be too tall (when sitting) to fit under the seat comfortably. If he lays down during the whole flight, then he will fit fine under the seat. It's only if he tries to sit up. I really do not want to put him in cargo but I am preparing him now with the traveling crate. The flight will be about 2 hours.

Should I just carry him on the plane and sacrifice his ability to sit up during the flight or should I put him in cargo? Has anyone ever flown their coton in the cabin/cargo at this age?

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Apr 20, 2011
Thanks Iris and Tuffy!
by: Kue

Thank you very much for the feedback. I did make a reservation for Koda to fly on board. I will take him with me on board then. I guess I just needed a second opinion. I will have to get him used to staying in the Sherpa bag for at least two hours each until our trip. I will not be sedating him and I just hope that he does not bark a lot on the flight. Unfortunately Benedryl does not make him drowsy. He has probably built a tolerance for it since I had to give him Benedryl many times before for his allergic reaction to vaccines. Thanks!

Apr 20, 2011
take him on board with you
by: Iris Miller

I hope you have already taken your flight with the dog under the seat. I have traveled several times cross country by plane with Tuffy. He was four months old the first time. Yes, he had to lie down all the way. It is not ideal but it was safer than cargo. I took him out in between flights in the rest room and let him walk around and pee for a few minutes. I hope you checked with your Vet for options re: sedatives if needed for the dog. Half a benadryl makes them drowsy, or there are also Rx but are not the preferred sedative for such a small dog.
Safe travel going and coming. I hope t worked out for you.
Iris and Tuffy

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