Fear of me

by Ned Bruce
(Plymouth, mn)


Just received a 9 week old male coton. The puppy plays with everybody, except seems fearful of me. I am very playful and love dogs. What could this be? I am a tall male, but he plays readily with men taller than me.

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Jul 19, 2014
fear of me NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Puppys usually have fear of every thing New. Don't over think it you will be fine. Just sit down & let him come to you & play. Enjoy your new Coton. Their is nothing love & kindness cannot over come with your Coton.

Good luck

Jul 10, 2014
Fear of Me
by: Sharon and Jasmine

That's odd. Maybe try laying on the floor. Get down to the dog's level. You are really big and he is really small. So if he could see you eye-to-eye on the ground it might make a difference. I wouldn't even call him, I would just kind of ignore him and see what happens.
And, of course, treats are always a good bribe but not good to rely on. Good luck with your new pup. Give him some time.

Jul 09, 2014
by: Truffles Mom

Pork is BAD for dogs period & especially Cotons. Zukes carries a line of training treats that you can keep in you pocket & Truff loves the roasted chicken. I get at pet smart or online & recently saw them in Fresh Market. On line cheapest at chewy.com

Truffles had an oddity when we got him at 12 weeks. He would come near you then back away. It was as if he was fearful of something that happened in his brief past.he did it to everyone, it was like he didn't want to be picked up or come close but yet he did. It took near a year to get him to stop. The trick was to ignore him when he didn't listen to "come" or when he backed away. (And carry treats). When you think about it, they are so human like- they want what they can't have. :)

My boy is not neutered - dunno if maybe that plays part in this behavior. Good luck with your little buddy. Don't give up!

Jul 08, 2014
by: Bobby fang

Remember the movie "as good as it gets"? The little dog, Verdell, loved bacon. Well duh. Carry bacon. Cotons love bacon too

Also give him time to bond with you. Put him on a leash and take him everywhere. Park, coffee shop, bank, everywhere. He's gonna be a real chick magnet. And chickadee magnet, if you're into that

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