Famous Dog Names

Is your dog a star? Here are some famous dog names to help you name your little star.

Here are some suggestions:

Astro From the Jetsons
Beethoven St. Bernard star of the movie series Beethoven
Benji Lovable mutt movie star
Brain From Inspector Gadget
Brian The Family Guy's dog
Deputy Dawg Beloved cartoon dog
Dino From The Flintstones
Dreyfus St. Bernard on the TV Show Empty Nest
Duke Jed Clampett's hound on The Beverly Hillbillies
Earnest Dave Barry's dog on Dave's World
Eddie Jack Russell Terrier on Frasier
Enzo The hero from the book The Art of Racing in the Rain
Flash Basset Hound from The Dukes of Hazzard
Fred Little Ricky's dog on I Love Lucy
Freeway Lowchen from Hart to Hart TV show
Goofy Disney dog
Hachi Heartbreaker in the movie with Richard Gere - Hachi, A Dog's Tale dog
Happy From 7th Heaven TV Show
Hooch Tom Hanks' co-star in Turner and Hooch
Huckleberry Hound A Hanna-Barbera cartoon character
Lassie World famous Collie of TV and movie fame
Marmaduke Great Dane with his own daily comic strip
Murray Collie-shepherd mix on Mad About You
Odie From the Garfield comic strip
Petey Pit Bull from Our Gang
Pluto Disney dog
Rin Tin Tin Famous German Shepherd movie star
Sandy Little Orphan Annie's dog
Scamp Disney dog, from Lady and the Tramp
Scooby-Doo Lovable cartoon Great Dane (Ruh Roh)
Snoopy Beloved Beagle from Peanuts
Spuds Mackenzie Budweiser Bull Terrier
Toto Dorothy's dog in The Wizard of Oz
Tramp Sheepdog mix on My Three Sons
Underdog Superhero dog with his own cartoon and movie
Verdell Brussels Griffon in As Good as it Gets

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