Excessive barking at door knock or doorbell

by Ed
(Minneapolis, MN)

Upon a knock on our front door or when the doorbell rings, my female coton (1.5 years old) REALLY barks. I don't want to squelch her "protective/territoriality" instinct too much, but it is annoying for all. Any recommendations?

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Aug 04, 2015
Excessive barking NEW
by: LeXi's mom

LeXi is three and her barking at every noise from the doorbell to people walking by has become out of control. After reading about this problem, I felt the most humane way to curb this unwanted behavior was the Sunbeam ultrasonic egg sold at Petsmart. After just a few days her barking had dropped by 95%. We are delighted by this improvement. The device should be used as sparingly as possible. EVEN THOUGH IT DOES NOT HURT THEM. I rarely endorse any product, but this has made all of us much happier. Try it, best $20.00 we have spent lately. Now we seldom use it and remind her verbally and she quiets down.

Jan 21, 2015
Barking NEW
by: Anonymous

My Coton is wonderful. When he hears a noise and barks we "go-check-it-out". I open the door & if no one is near I state "we are safe". He quiets down as soon as he can "see" that we are safe.

If someone knocks at the door he use to bark. I go to the window to "check it out" first. Now my Coton runs to the window when someone knocks, no barking. If it's a friend I say "you have a visitor" and he runs to the door happily. The Coton just wants to "see" to "check it out". The window works wonders.

The only time my Coton barks once the door is opened with a visitor is when that person has bad energy. I don't invite them in. My house is sacred and I don't need negativity entering. I ask the visitor to call first or to come another time. In other words, my Coton screens energy vibration for me. If he's unhappy with a person (barking) I listen.

Also, I've had vistors at the door who wish to pet my Coton. Then he sometimes barks, other times not. When he barks, I read that he doesn't want this person to "pet him". Who knows, the person has dirty hands? or is running an infection or virus? I respect my Coton is able to read energy vibration's far beyond the human sensing level. So, when he barks, I say "good boy", pick him up & hold him away from the visitor at the door. Once he feels safe he isn't going to be touched by that stranger he quiets down immediately.

I ask the visitor to return another time. i don't need to get sick from a cold virus in infectious stage.

On many occasions my Coton is happy happy to receive visitors. I'm convinced my dog knows their mind set instantly.

I trust my dog is protecting himself & me from negative energy when he barks! Or, he isn't comfortable cause he hadn't fully read the person yet. I believe Coton dogs are excellent energy readers.

I trust my dog's sensing ability. I believe owners that quiet their dogs, rather than LISTEN, are missing an entire realm of dog intelligence.

Oct 25, 2014
Barking at the Doorbell NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Their r some very good You Tube Videos to teach when the door bell rings they go to their crate or to a bed.

Type in your browser

Barking at the Doorbell You Tube

One very good 5 min one is by Pamela Johnson

Oct 24, 2014
barking NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

Our one is quite a barker also. We have learned by picking her up and looking out the front door, telling her "good job" and putting her down she will quit.....anything unusual or out of place she will notice and alert us---it can be annoying but she is a great guard dog........She can be very territorial but this is her home and we are her devoted subjects. lol

Oct 22, 2014
Milo too NEW
by: Milo's Mom

Milo does this too and it is annoying. We have reduced the barking with some training. Anytime we know someone is headed to the door (we can see them out the window) we tell him. He barks excessively when he is surprised so this helps. Then we stay with him by the door, sometimes with treats that are given when he is quiet,and "talk him down" as the person approaches or when they ring the bell. If he barks we give him a "no" and a sharp tap on the shoulder and we don't open the door until he stops barking. Over the past few months the barking has subsided.

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