Elevated Liver Enzymes

by Gail Schwenker Mayer
(New London, CT)

Our Coton, a two year old male 11kb 4 oz, was recently diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes. The vet prescribed a three week course of antibiotics after which his enzyme level was even higher.

Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, I would appreciate any advice or insight that you can share. Needless to say we are extremely concerned.

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Jan 13, 2022
elevated ALT and AST in 12.5 year old Coton
by: Worried Coton Mom

my 12.5 year old coton has had elevated liver enyzymes in her latest blood tests. ALT results were 321 in May 2021, now 404. Prior to May it was 194 and prior to that 159 so it's consistently going up. This enzyme represents liver inflammation. The AST is also mildly increased, which represents liver cell death (The vet did not have a previous number for comparison as it wasn't on the previous panel). That said, the rest of her liver values look good, so it is *functioning* well in spite of the inflammation.

The vet has recommended an ultrasound and Denamarin, which is actually not a medication but a supplement/liver protectant. It can help prevent these numbers from worsening and in a fair number of cases, the numbers actually go down.

We will go ahead with the ultra sound to rule out tumor or blockage.

Has any one run into this with their aging coton? Our Ellie is a very young 12.5 year old generally, but she has been slowing down. I have attributed it to her getting older, but now I am worried that there may be something wrong.

We have always fed her a raw food diet and alternated with freeze dried Ziwi Peak..and normally she scarfs her food down in less than 30 seconds. Lately, she turns away from her food, and sometimes she'll come back and eat it, but not always. She normally is all about her breakfast and dinner, but for the last 4 months she has been super finnicky about her food. We've changed to different raw food manufactures all with no fillers or preservatives. I've also heard that older dogs can become finicky eaters, but now not sure that this is not related to the liver enzyme elevation.

Sep 14, 2020
Elevated liver enzymes and jaundice
by: Teri

Hi! Wondering what the results have been for your peanut? My 3yo Coton has elevated enzymes as well and she is jaundiced! Ultrasound doesn’t show anything abnormal. Going next week to repeat the bloodwork. I’m scared for my baby... 😢

Dec 18, 2018
Elevated liver enzymes
by: Anonymous

Which enzymes? ALP, GGT, ALT? Did they request an ultrasound to see if there is a bile duct blockage? Is your pup on steroids for anything? Does he have GI issues?
My Cally had pancreatitis and IBD, and his liver enzymes kept creeping up, eventually staying really, really high. His ALP/ALKP remained very high for his last few years. This is the least worrisome one according to my vets. GGT is more of an indicator if it's not a one time elevation (also according to my vet). My vet prescribed, and people swear by, the supplement Denamarin. Unfortunately Cal's GI tract wouldn't tolerate it and he threw it up 100% of the time, but it's worth a shot. He also had iatrogenic cushings, which is why I asked about steroids. Immune mediated diseases wreak havok on the system and organs, as well as medications, and with Cal it was a combo of things. Cal was on royal canin rabbit potato prescription food, I don't know if that factored in but it worked well with his GI tract.

Dec 17, 2018
High liver enzymes
by: Anonymous

My 8 year old was diagnosed with pancreatitis.
She has elevated liver enzymes. She is on RX dog food
Denamarin and Ursodiol.
She is doing much better, but will probably need to
continue on this program with regular check ups.

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