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Review of Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer

Need help with dog training problems? Is the Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer the right program for you? Check out the dog training review below:

secrets of a professional dog trainer

Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer

General Program Overview:

Cost: $37.00
While this program does fulfill its promise to solve any dog training problems fast; I would not recommend this for small dogs like the Coton de Tulear because it advocates the use of pinch collars and electric collars to dominate your dog. This is pretty controversial and everyone has their own opinions on whether these types of training collars are humane. In my opinion, if there's any doubt at all about the safety of a product, then STAY AWAY from it. It can be especially harmful to your dog if these types of collars are used improperly.

Program Contents:

Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer includes a comprehensive E-book that contains:
  • Instructions for solving any type of dog behavior problems

  • Tips and secrets using everyday dog obedience commands

  • How to select, adopt and raise a new puppy or older dog.

  • Photos and demonstrations to speed up the learning process AND step-by-step tutorials


You will receive the following Free E-books:
  1. Eight Secrets to becoming the alpha dog

  2. Where To Buy Pet Products At Wholesale and Dirt Cheap Prices

  3. The Puppy Primer: How To Know When To Train Which Behaviors

  4. Fixing Aggression Problems In Dogs

  5. How To Teach Any Dog To Walk On A Loose Leash In Less Than 10 Minutes

  6. How to Choose A Veterinarian

In addition to the E-books listed above, you will also have FREE access to the private Members Area for 30 days which will include:
  • Unlimited consultations from a team of professionals

  • Access to a resource library full of tutorials and articles
  • Interviews with top dog trainers

  • Live chat sessions with dog trainers from around the world

Pros & Cons:

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • Access to the training in minutes

  • While some of the training methods are not recommended for small dogs, there is a lot of valuable information in the 300 plus pages of this book that could benefit those with severe dog training problems

  • The content is constantly being updated


I do not recommend this training program, especially for small dogs like the Coton de Tulear. Why?
  • It advocates the use of pinch collars and electric collars which can be dangerous, especially for small dogs

  • The narrative voice in this book is often arrogant, brusque, and off-putting. He goes as far as referring to some dog owners as lazy and stupid. He has very low tolerance for anyone who disagrees with his training techniques.

  • Other harsh training methods used such as:
    • When training a dog not to bolt out of the door the trainer says to "immediately slam the door closed and don't worry if you happen to clip him in the nose a bit." Really?

    • To stop a dog from jumping, the trainer teaches "as you bring your knee up it must hit the dog's chest squarely in the center, making a hollow thud sound". I don't think so.

    Overall, I would prefer a training program that uses positive behavior modification like Doggy Dan instead of negative. Both programs gets results, but in my opinion one is far more humane. Of course this is a very personal decision.

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